Monday, 28 December 2015

Pros of Marketing Using SEO with SEO Company India


Internet marketing has continued to be the leading method of advertising any kind of products and services. For this reason, it is currently among the leading platform for advertising any kind of business. To get the best out of internet marketing, it is always a perfect idea to make sure that you are using the best internet marketing tools. Otherwise, your chances of meeting your marketing targets will be limited. SEO is often said to be among the best marketing tools that rely on the internet. This can be attributed to the numerous advantages that are associated with it. The following are some of the most notable advantages that are associated with using affordable SEO packages for marketing your products and services. 

Great savings

Although business marketing is often the driver of business growth, it is not the only department of business that is worth taking into account. A number of other business departments often require more attention than marketing. Therefore, they have to be taken care of as well. But, you may have issues taking care of other aspects of your business if you channel or all your business proceeds to marketing. Therefore, dealing with SEO Company India can enable you to save enough to channel to other avenues of your business for distributed growth. 

Quick results

One of the most notable advantages of using SEO to promote business products and services is the fact that it is actually associated with quick results. Today, SEO can be integrated into countless internet marketing tools in a bid to realise great marketing results. This attribute alone makes it the most efficient marketing tool. You can combine SEO with email marketing, social media network marketing and PPC. This explains why it is among the leading internet marketing tools that are known today.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

What You Need to Know About SEO in 2016

Google keeps changing its algorithm every now and then and keeping up with all these changes may just not be the answer to Search Engine Optimization any more. User-friendly marketing should be your goal which automatically increases your conversion rate. The only way to do this is to focus on the ‘User Intent.’

When a user types in a search phrase or a keyword on the search engine, he has a specific goal in mind. This goal is what we know as the user intent.  The intent behind typing such a keyword could be to:

  1. ·         DO Something
  2. ·         KNOW Something
  3. ·         GO Somewhere

There can even be multiple intents behind a single query. For instance, if a user searches for ‘SEO company India,’ he may be looking for an Indian SEO company that might cater to his requirements or he may be an SEO professional looking for a job in an SEO company India.

Understanding the user intent as well as conversions is very important as it not only improves your conversion rates but also increases your ranking. Here is a reading list that refers to five articles on user intent along with a key takeaway that can prove very useful:

Key takeaway: “It is important to create content that actually answers the question that is implied by the keywords that are used by the user.”

Marketecture’s article on Google’s focus on user intent: This article prompts the reader to think about SEO in terms of user intent. As per the article the search results will have to understand the conversational language of the searchers.

Key takeaway: Content is useful only when it answers the questions of real-life.

Unbounce’s write-up on why you might lose money through Adwords if you do not identify the user intent behind the keywords: As per this article the keywords are of three types which can tell you if the user is just looking for something, seriously shopping or has already made up his mind to make that purchase. You can use these on your landing page to improve conversions.

Key takeaway: “The Key to successful PPC campaigns is to have the same message on your landing page as is seen in the call-to-action line of your ad.”

Make it Rain’s article on why you should consider user-intent as your new keyword research: This article throws light on how you can understand the user intent through the keyword that users use for searching. It makes you aware of the four kinds of user-searches namely navigational search, informational search, commercial search and transactional search. Each of these relate to a different user-intent and a different stage of the funnel of conversion. You will be able to distinguish keywords that have high probability of conversion from the rest.

Key takeaway: Looking at the flaws in your keyword strategy from the conversion funnel perspective helps you sort users into various stages of conversion.

PPC Hero’s article on how analytics reports can help you understand user-intent: This article helps you visualize the behavior of the users on your website through Google Analytics and understand the user-intent.

Key takeaway: “Check if the users that land on your website navigate away from your site or start looking for something else. This can give you a clear idea about the user-intent.”

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Web Brain InfoTech Offers Amazing Discount of 20% On SEO, SMO & PPC Services


When Digital Marketing has become the recent passion and buzz word of online world, Web Brain InfoTech has emerged with its high end service strategies. Online service seekers, here’s a potential SEO company of India offering amazing deal of 20% discount on SEO, SMO and PPC services.

If you have just thought of diving into this much-sought-after business option, you must definitely have done a little bit of research on its pros and future prospective. One of the most important parts of online marketing is visibility. The more your brand gets recognition, the more is the prospect and progress of your business. Hence you must definitely choose for a service provider who has that power to make your business outstand and outshine among your counterparts and competitors. 

We provide the boost for every new websites. It implements sure shot strategies for making a business successful in an online platform. Along with its high end business strategies, it has recently offered a massive discount of 20% on all its SEO related services. 

With Web Brain InfoTech you are sure to get the maximum traffic within a short duration of time. Of course, what more can you expect from a team that is adequately talented and thoroughly aware of this dynamic digital marketing world. 

It not only provides attractive discounts on SEO, but also covers other aspects like Social Media Marketing, PPC campaign, web designing and developing, online reputation management and many more services as such. 

If you need to have a global presence of your brand with immediate effect, Web Brain InfoTech is the right place for you. With its team of talented professionals, it is ruling the SEO market and it is sure to help you soar the heights of online marketing. 

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Web Brain InfoTech is a reputed SEO firm located at Delhi, India. Started with a vision of providing the best SEO services, it has been able to gain a large pool of satisfied clients. Learn more about Web Brain InfoTech at
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Thursday, 10 December 2015

PPC Mistakes That You Should Avoid at Any Cost

If you are wondering why your PPC campaign has not given you the results you had expected, the chances are that you may be going wrong somewhere. Even professional services that you come across via an online search using the phrase “PPC Company India,” do make such mistakes that can prove to be quite scary. Whether you are a PPC company India or an individual trying to start your own Pay-Per-Click campaign, knowing where you are going wrong will help you avoid these mistakes and focus on what you actually need to do to make your AdWords Account worthwhile. The 5 major mistakes that you should steer clear from include:

1. Overspending: There is a budget that you may have in mind when it comes to BBC. It is very important to stick to this limit when it comes to running a PPC campaign. In case you are going beyond the budget your client has set for his PPC campaign, check these things out:
·         Did anything positive come out of the extra money that you spent? If yes, it may not be bad. Emphasize on the value that this extra spend has brought about when you are talking to your client.
·         Will this overspending in any way reduce the amount that you may have to spend in the next month or over the following few months?  If yes, it may not matter much in the long term.

If you have answered with a ‘No’ for both the above questions, you might have messed it all up.

2. Setting Bids that are absolutely wrong:  Even though you might be well within the limits of your budget, you may still be wasting your client’s money if you have set bids that are too high. This might even be a mistake that you have overseen especially when you have changed over to another language. Most of the times, such actions will even change the decimal separator to a comma which can be quite scary. If language setting is not the reason for your wrong bid, it could even be possible that you have gone for one of the ad group bids of the shopping campaigns. Such bids work in a totally different way which can make your conversions really expensive.

3. Not checking the excluded field for “Everything Else” product group: Whenever you try to subdivide a standard All-Products group within a Shopping ad group, there is an “everything-else” product group that is automatically created. This group will help you set bids for all those products that are not included in any of the other groups. This works well if you are doing a single campaign using a single ad group. However, if you have multiple ad groups, you will have to check the ‘Excluded field for Everything-else Product Group.’ If you do not do this Google will make use of the group that contains the highest bid. One more thing you need to remember is to manually uncheck it every time you edit your bids else it might get activated again, without your knowledge.

4. Selecting the ‘Target and Bid’ option on RLSA: There are two kinds of settings under RLSA or the Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. One is the target and bid option and the other is the Bid only option. Choosing the Target and bid option over the Bid only option will make you cut off all the new traffic to your PPC campaign.

5. Not Following Up on the Recent Changes: Whenever you make any kind of important changes to your account, make sure you schedule a follow-up check as soon as possible. Not doing so might create damages that might prove quite scary.

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Phone: +91-782-774-2414
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Friday, 4 December 2015

Google Alert: Beware Of The Mobile Site Redirects


With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, presence of mobile site for these small yet effective platforms is also on the rise. Several website owners have tried to access this rapidly growing mass considering them as potential buyers and users of different industries. However, among all these some of them are there who use mobile traffic network as a way to redirect users from one site to another. This not only affects the user experience but can also influence the traffic and ranking of the website as well. 

Keeping an eye on this activity for a long time, Google has now decided to penalize all these webmasters and websites. Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist, Andrey Lipattsev said that he and his team is working on this project keeping it close to his heart. Any mobile affiliate traffic driving networks will penalize if they are forcing the users to bounce from one site to another.

 Knowingly or unknowingly some of the publishers are adding such links to their website affecting their ranking as well as traffic. If the user bounce back rate is very high on a website, it can affect the ranking of the site on Google algorithm severely. The search engine giant had given such warning a month ago as wall but now it is pretty much clear that Google will be stern towards engaging into such activities. If you have been into this, it is time to stop and clear your records. However, do make sure to check out the data of your site, removing all the affiliates who might be into this.