Friday, 4 December 2015

Google Alert: Beware Of The Mobile Site Redirects


With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, presence of mobile site for these small yet effective platforms is also on the rise. Several website owners have tried to access this rapidly growing mass considering them as potential buyers and users of different industries. However, among all these some of them are there who use mobile traffic network as a way to redirect users from one site to another. This not only affects the user experience but can also influence the traffic and ranking of the website as well. 

Keeping an eye on this activity for a long time, Google has now decided to penalize all these webmasters and websites. Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist, Andrey Lipattsev said that he and his team is working on this project keeping it close to his heart. Any mobile affiliate traffic driving networks will penalize if they are forcing the users to bounce from one site to another.

 Knowingly or unknowingly some of the publishers are adding such links to their website affecting their ranking as well as traffic. If the user bounce back rate is very high on a website, it can affect the ranking of the site on Google algorithm severely. The search engine giant had given such warning a month ago as wall but now it is pretty much clear that Google will be stern towards engaging into such activities. If you have been into this, it is time to stop and clear your records. However, do make sure to check out the data of your site, removing all the affiliates who might be into this.


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