Wednesday, 25 December 2013

17 Tactics to Get More Twitter Followers

Of course, Twitter is very different now days than its previous. Now days it is very popular social networking sites. People have craze to get more and more followers on Twitter now days. And for this they are using Spam activities but it is not good technique to get more followers. People get banned everyday by Twitter Team due to using spam actions. Gray Hat technique is now banned by Twitter. Now the scene is that Twitter has restricted to follow and followers in each hour. You can’t cross the limit.

Your follower count is good measure of your influence. The more followers you have, more chances to attract others. The more you followed, the more chances to come in “Who to follow” twitter promotion on the left hand side of Twitter home page.

Tactic 1: Always Tweet when Your Followers are online: A new Twitter tool “Followerwonkallows you to track your followers online timings. You can easily track your followers timings by using this tool.

Tactic 2: Initiate conversations: With the help of Followerwonk tool you can easily track your competitors’ followers. Sort your results then by using social authority. Select the highest responsed people and get engage with them.

Tactic 3: Use content as incentive.

Tactic 4: Continue the conversation.

Tactic 5: Have many more followers than friends.

Tactic 6: Make your profile and recent tweets compelling.

Tactic 7: Always Re-tweet important tweets to engage your audience.

Tactic 8: Track those people who unfollowed you.

Tactic 9: Don't blindly follow back.

Tactic 10: Unfollow those people who are not using Twitter from so many times.

Tactic 11: Always follow other people with your purpose.

Tactic 12: Engage those People more who is more active on Twitter.

Tactic 13: Track your follow success.

Tactic 14: Engage UN-following friends in a timely fashion: It's a very conscious time to engage those customers who do not follow you back. People get angry when you follow someone and others do not follow you. Now time to check their profile and timings that in which time they are using twitter more and mention which people in their post. When you use your twitter on that time there is a good chance to get follow back from those.

Tactic 15: Carefully follow and unfollow others.

Tactic 16: Tweet frequently, but not too frequently.

Tactic 17: Respond as fast as you can: Try to respond your followers as soon as possible. This will give you a better online presence in front of others and give you more chances to follow back by various people.

So, use your twitter profile with brain and see a huge increment in your follower’s numbers.


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