Tuesday, 1 September 2015

GOOGLE Now Issues Hotel Price Drop Alerts

Whether a room is booked in a five star hotel or a single star hotel, one would like to book them at the lowest price possible. But what if you have booked a room and the next day prices get slashed. How will you get informed? 

GOOGLE is testing a new feature which will notify its users when their hotel price gets dropped. But this test is an internal issue for now and only GOOGLErs are involved in it. Brian white from GOOGLE shared that he had booked a room in a hotel and he was notified when the price dropped. 

It is an innovative step from the GOOGLE. It opens up new online marketing competition for the hotel business. Hotels are already using mobile and desktop ads for marketing themselves. Mobile ads are on rise due to the increased smart phone users. Now a feature which notifies you of dropped prices is a boon for the customers. It gives them the opportunity to save money even after booking and get the best deals. 

But this is still at the experiment stage and would take time to be launched as a feature. GOOGLE says that right now they don’t have any plans to launch this feature. It would be of great help if GOOGLE launches it.
Travelocity, a travel company has launched a desktop app which sends notification when the hotel prices get dropped. But this is a desktop app which makes it difficult to have wider reach. If GOOGLE makes the feature available for its users then it would spice up the online marketing strategies and new dimensions could be set up.


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