Friday, 27 March 2015

SEO: What it Used to Be Vs What It is Now

SEO is completely changed from its past. Day by day Google is rolling out their algorithm updates and force webmasters to change their Strategy too. What it used to be is now a history but what it is now is a key to enjoy ROI. So, it’s the time to ditch your old SEO methods and update you with new SEO methodologies.

With Panda, Penguin and other Google algorithm updates, SEO has changed over years and now old activities doesn’t work anymore.

I have been reading SEO blogs from my beginning and completely satisfy with Google updates. As we know Google is a Search Engine and it has their responsibility to help their users with their best search results. This is what Google is very far away from Yahoo and Bing.

I would like to start my content with Keywords for website.

    1.   Keywords Selection: In Old SEO keywords used to be Singular and people work on single keywords to promote website. Like as if people had a keyword “SEO Company India” to work then they only use SEO Company India everywhere in their activity. They never think about its synonyms and matched versions and always used to push a single keyword. It used to be Singular keyword and Page Focused. Ranking Focused Activity.

But in New SEO keywords doesn’t matter what it is. It all depends to webmaster how wise they are and how wisely they are using it? Now if a webmaster have a keyword “SEO Company India”  then they never think to work on this singular phrase and they easily choose its alternatives which matched with this keyword like as “SEO Company In India”, “Best SEO Company India”, ”Top SEO Company India”, “India SEO Company”, “Indian SEO Company” and so on. 

Conclusion: The conclusion is that use wisely keywords in your activity and work with Synonyms or alternatives keywords too. Focus more on how people engage with a particular brand, product and services. ROI Focused. Focus on Long Tail Searches.

70% of search traffic comes from Long Tail Keywords and on other hand 69% focus on conversion rates and performance metrics.

      2.  Content Creation: In Old SEO people used to create content for Search Engines. It didn’t matter whether it is informative or not and whether it meets with users searches or not. They don’t regard to quality of content or relevance.

But now in New SEO they have to use quality content and write original and real content that interacts users to website. Focus always your users. Write content for users not for BOT. This is the only strategy to reach to top page and enjoy ROI.

Conclusion: Content Marketing is highly in demand in current scenario. So, you will have to create content wisely and with number of researches. Be sure to use quality content and proper linking to your web pages and I am sure it will directly reflect to your SEO Marketing and you will be the industry leader.

     3.  Link Building: Old SEO was for Spammers who did not think about quality of links and only believe in creating links either it is SPAM. Old SEO had a demand to create number of back links and will reach to top page in Google. They had not understanding about Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Rank, Alexa Rank, etc major terms.

But in New SEO one and only Quality of links matters. Forget those spammy links and work only for quality. Do research before creating links for website; check their Page Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Category and other terms. 

Conclusion: Do SEO with quality activities. Never think about quantity coz it will never help and only downgrade your positions as well as may be penalization of website.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pros of Using the Internet for Marketing a Business

Internet marketing has continued to prove its worth in as far as marketing is concerned. Today, the internet has proven to be a very important platform for marketing any kind of business. If you have any kind of business that you want to improve, you should take advantage of the power of the internet. 

Why is the internet such an important platform for promoting a business? 

To start with, the internet is associated with a variety of marketing tools. Unlike most marketing platforms, the internet comes with many marketing tools that make it a very viable marketing platform. The major examples of the internet marketing tools are guaranteed SEO services and email marketing. If you are interested in reaping the benefits of using SEO for internet marketing, you should hire a reliable SEO company India. Other marketing tools that are used on the internet include pay per click, social networking sites and key word research. 

In addition to having many marketing tools, the internet is also home to a good number of people from all walks of life. This means that there is a ready audience that is willing to receive information about your products and services. For example, the social networking sites are home to more than 80 % of the people that surf the internet. Therefore, they are reliable platforms for marketing any kind of business. This simply means that the internet can enable you to reach your targeted audience within a short period of time.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Choose Web Brain InfoTech for Your Result Oriented SEO Services

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How Can You Get Google to Make You More Searchable in Business

Just underneath Google's PPC promotions are nearby professional references. Since searchers are progressively intrigued by discovering neighborhood alternatives when they inquiry, Google has chosen to place nearby professional references as near to the highest point of Google as possible. Assuming that your business is appearing in neighborhood results, here are two approaches to get Google searchers to think of you as 60% all the more regularly. 

To one side of your nearby professional resource, you have the capacity to show more than simply your business' Google Maps area. Utilizing your Google My Business profile, your business has the capacity add still edge photographs to its data. 

Since 4 out of 5 searchers are utilizing Google to discover nearby business results (Search Engine Land), being an alternative in neighborhood postings is fundamental to your business' prosperity. Anyway, while having your neighborhood data improved legitimately isn't exactly enough to situate you separated; joining pictures into your nearby posting may simply tip the scales to support you. At the point when a customer is searching for a systematic yours, make their choice simpler by utilizing pictures. 

While this is old news, what you may not know is that Search Engine Land reported as much as 60% of buyers are more prone to consider or contact a business with pictures in neighborhood query items.
On the off chance that you have a wonderful area or if your office is a piece of your organization's remarkable offering recommendation, why not demonstrate to it to the searchers who have effectively communicated an enthusiasm for you? All things considered, if adding inside photographs to your neighborhood posting contracts the topography in the middle of you and your purchaser, is there any good reason why you wouldn't do it?

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Why Should Outsource Your Design and Development Works in India?


If we see the term web development, it incorporates variety of subjects into it. Web designing, content management, online marketing are all under its banner. There are many web development companies in India which either provides all the services at one place or only few of them. There are companies which not only design but also provide services related with it. Reputation management and content management are some other services to mention. Promoting and marketing the organization are also looked after. So, there are many such companies which cover all these services in web development and are therefore a very broad segment. Quality work, low cost and punctuality are the traits which you find in them.

When we talk about design, one thing which is to be kept in mind is that design must be such that it fulfills the need of everyone. When an engineer designs a bike or a car, he/she keeps in mind that the user can be anyone. She/he can be very tall or fat. Therefore he needs to design it in such manner. Similarly while designing a website; the designer must see that the site is accessible for every device.  This is what responsive web design is all about. Responsive web design services in India is well developed. The companies have developers who keep all these factors in mind while designing and design accordingly. Creativity and experience go hand in hand with Web Brain InfoTech giving you the quality work.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Be Smart in Your Marketing with Mobile Application

Today, Smart Phone has become a necessity to everyone. It has changed our life with its features. But it is of no use if there are no applications installed in it. Hundreds of applications are available for downloading serving many purposes at one place. There are applications for maintaining the budget of your house, for transferring files big in size, for reading books & novels and everything else you ask for. It has been possible due to the companies that develop these applications. 

Many mobile application development companies in India are doing a phenomenal job. They have young developers who understand the nerves of the present generation and therefore can think in the same manner. Their creativity is at its best and no doubt that everyone looks towards them for getting their work done.

Marketing through E-mail is among the top strategies while talking about internet marketing. This is also the most convenient, effective and cheap way for marketing. You can send e-mail to the present customers as well as old one to have good contact and relation. Ads are also sending through e-mail to promote and market, especially during the festive season. E-mail marketing services in India is excellent. People who are working in these services are highly experienced and innovative in their work. The companies are dedicated to give the best work with a minimum cost.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


We are not very far from the day when every homemaker will be on the internet to order every day necessities from online bazaar. The dynamics of shopping are changing rapidly and youngsters are the driver for this change. The organizations are too prepared and are adopting new ways to reach the customers through E-MARKETING.

Recently, the marketing strategies have witnessed a complete new set of genes injected into its body, which is set to bring drastic changes in the future. There is a rise of content marketing today. Organizations with blogs are expected to generate 67% more leads per month than those without blogs. High quality and relevant content will be key to digital marketing of the future.

There are no doubts that online marketing is on the rise but still there is a need to check the gap between online and offline experience. It is a big step and one of the first possible technological applications meant to combine online and offline are micro-location technologies, in particular APPLE'S "ibeacon". It's a known fact that we remember more when we learn visually.

The organizations understand this and therefore they are adopting it at a large scale. Videos are the best way to show how a product or service works. This trend is most likely to linger throughout 2015, when multiple companies will begin with "EXPLAINER VIDEOS".

Markets already use dozens of analytical tools in order to see how customers interact with their company's product or services. The importance of this section of marketing will increase this year, when spending for that purpose are expected to go up by 60%. On the same line is the internet advertisement, which is predicted to rise by 10% - on a global rate.

The web is a place where people spend time during work and free time, giving marketers a wealth of greater opportunities for targeting options that are unavailable in offline advertisements. Mobile ads are also expected to grow by smashing 48% in 2015. These are only handful of codes been decoded. It is a world of infinite ideas, which are untapped.

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