Friday, 29 August 2014

Various Google Tools Beneficial For Marketing

When it comes to marketing, the first though that pops in our mind is to hire a marketing firm and let them handle it. In these times when almost all the companies and professionals are hiring marketing professionals for targeting their clients and raising their sale figures, it is not possible to stand out as a unique business.

Customers love to get uniqueness no matter in which form it is available. Apart from this, as a businessman or owner of a brand, you will have to understand that customers are becoming tech savvy. They are connected with the virtual world most of them time. They are not reluctant of using the search engine to locate nearest restaurant or a books store; they book tickets from smart phones as well as pay their bills. When the technology is developing so much, how can you survive by using brick and mortar methods of marketing?

Google Tools

It is time to change the methods with smart Google tools. Google has been developing itself to benefit all the business and websites present on the search engine database, which is like all of them. Here are some tools that will help you to improve your visibility on search engine, better sale and client interaction:

•  Google maps: while looking for something, you might have seen those red drops like structures in a Google map. They are to help users to locate similar services as per their query in nearby location. Get your business registered with the Google maps or Google places to be seen.

•  Google tags: Tag your business with locations to get better visibility. Users can add reviews and comments, thus helping more people to know about your business.

Apart from these two there are Google AdWords, Google docs, search based keyword tool, Google alerts, Google gadgets, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool and various other tools that can contribute in making your marketing strategy a success story.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Be Ready To Use Google Search App in Multilingual

google multi lingual voice search

If you are habitual of using Google search app in your android or any other Smartphone, here is good news for you. Google is all set to make their Search engine app multilingual providing users an opportunity to choose up to five languages for immediate recognition.

Around the world, people are using various languages, whereas some of them are even using different languages in their daily life. As per the US census data, around 20%of the US citizens use two or more languages even at home while conversing. Therefore understanding the needs of these people Google has made this initiative. Now Google search app can easily understand the various queries asked by the users in multiple languages at the same time.

As per Google, users speaking different languages can select up to five languages and either type or speak any of the 50 languages listed in Google database. You can switch between the languages without much effort and search for the queries at their own will. Before this, users could only use one language. According to Inside Search, on their blog,

Now, you can just make a small, one-time change to your settings, and then you can switch back and forth easily. Google will automatically detect which language you’re using. (For now, you need to stick to one language per sentence though.) You can select up to five languages total—enough to satisfy all but the most advanced polyglots. Whether you get a spoken response from Google depends on the language you use and your query (and you’ll see more languages and features added over time).”

Around the world, people who migrate to different countries are habitual of using their native language but are also getting hang of the local one as well. With this development in Google, these users can search in their own language or any other without any difficulty.

Some days before they have also changed in their algorithm and suggest webmasters Want To Get Ranking Boost? Go HTTPS with Website.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

4 Tips That Will Encourage Visitors To Stay Longer On Your Website

Everyone knows that the longer visitors remain on your website or blog, the better will be your chance of getting their business.  You’re excited to have thousands of visitors, but you check your bounce rate and it’s between eighty and ninety percent. Your visitors are clicking onto your website, and leaving without visiting a single page.  What happened? You have a well-established domain name created years ago. Your on-line optimization is solid, and you have all high-quality backlinks. What’s going wrong? Why aren’t your visitors staying longer?

Internet marketing experts will, without fail, tell you that content is king. If you don’t have quality, easily accessible presentations on your website, your visitors will go elsewhere. It’s as simple as that. You’re frustrated and you want to know what you can do about it. Following are four ways in which you can solve the problem. Like all marketing, it takes time, but the rewards you will reap for your diligence, will far outweigh the work involved.

video presentation1.  Video Presentation – In Today’s rapid paced society, everyone wants to get information as quickly and accurately at possible. Gone are the days when we had to go to a dictionary, or to the library to research a topic. Now, it’s a simple matter of clicking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search vehicle, typing in a term or terms, and you have your answer. It’s the same for visitors to your website. They want information now. They don’t want to read through a myriad of documents. They want information now! To fulfill this need, it’s simply a matter of presenting as much of your material as possible in a video format. A single video provides instant information that would take hundreds or thousands of words to present in a written format. Visitors are impressed. They click on another image and before long, they’ve marked your website as a favorite.

replace external links with internal links2.  Replace External Links With Internal Links – External links provide an opportunity for visitors to leave your website. Obviously, this is not what you want. Most websites have ample room and opportunity to encourage visitors to remain on your website. It’s simply a matter of creating internal links to other pages on your website. Paramount to this effort succeeding is that the content be of high quality and that it pertains to what your visitor is looking for.

live chat3.  Add A live Chat Option – Regardless of how hard you try, you will have visitors who have questions. They can’t find an answer on your website and are about to look elsewhere. Then they spot your ‘Live Chat’ option. They access your live chat, talk to an expert, and are thoroughly pleased with the experience.  The beauty of this is that you’ve made a friend. They are almost certain to return, and to give you their business.

infographics4.  Use Infographics In Your Content – What better way to convince your visitor to stay, than to provide graphics showing data, studies, comparisons of products, etc., than to have a ready-made graph giving them the required information?

Are you ready to meet the challenge? If you’re serious about capturing business from website visitors, you have no choice but to put forth the effort, or hire someone who will drastically reduce your bounce rate. Bottom line: your visitors will stay on your site, and you’ll reap a handsome profit. Isn’t that what you intended to do when you opened your business?

What are your thoughts? Do you have any additional advice? Please share your thoughts and advice below through comments.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

FB virus- A New Threat to Facebook Users


Adding to the long history of Facebook virus attacks, here is another one, Facebook Color changing app. Some of you might have seen this as a link in comments or messages on your Facebook profiles. As per the reports, around 10,000 Facebook user profiles have been infected with this virus. And the count might still go up if the users and Facebook does not take essential steps to eradicate it.

Facebook is the biggest social networking website in the virtual world. It is not only helpful in providing a medium to people to connect with each other but also an opportunity to business houses and companies to connect with masses for the benefit of the business. Moreover, it is also used to generate awareness as well as influence masses for revolutions and politics. Single Facebook profile can be used for a number of aspects given you are capable of doing it all well.

Among all this popularity and convenience of use, Facebook users have also being threatened by virus attacks every now and then. We have been seeing spammy links and viruses attacking user profiles, targeting their friends, using their personal information for bigger threats. However, on short or long haul, Facebook has been capable of handling these infections.

Facebook color changing virus lures users by offering to change to the color of their profile with an array of 9 color options. However, instead of changing the color, the virus will infect their site, collect profile access token and utilize further friends contact and details to spread the link ahead. Facebook has not released any dialogue regarding this virus infestation so far, but hopefully they will be working something out to control it. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Practical Tips to Identify Your Web Development Partner

It’s good news that you are looking for a reliable web designing agency for taking care of your online business venture. It is probably not possible to single-handedly look after the complexities involved in taking a business portal to the right places using the appropriate designing and SEO activities. But you must double check before hiring a web designer who can take your goals closer to reality by incorporating the right and latest techniques of the trend. Here are a few pointers that will help you to identify a reliable agency that will be worth your money-


•  Expertise: To make a website work out properly, the people from your hired agency should be usability experts. They must have the expertise to help you progress and should be acquainted with the latest techniques of the web dynamics. They should be research oriented and ready to experiment.

•  Familiarity: The people helping in growing your online business should have the basic knowledge of the industry you are involved with. For example, if you are promoting a fashion website then the agency experts should have a handy knowledge of the latest trends in fashion to give you a helping hand in generating specific content and promoting it to the right audience.

•  Deadlines: An agency that doesn't meet the deadlines is equivalent to being unproductive and harms the progress rate of an online business. A good designer would set milestones and meet them on time. If they are offering you a proposal where a promise of meeting deadlines has been highlighted; shortlist them.

•  Transparency: Planning and work should go hand in hand. You are not looking or a temporary target achiever. You need a partner in the form of a developer who can provide you constant backup for a long period of time. Every action should be transparent so that you can keep a track of the progress that is going on.

•  Previous experience: Before signing up with a new partner for digital progress, look for the previous testimonials by clients. Satisfied clients generally leave good remarks about their partners. This will assist you in ascertaining whether an agency will be able to meet your requirements or not. The clue is- ask for one or two references by previous clients.

A good firm will be communicative and will showcase a prolific interest in the clients’ aspirations. You can discuss and find out responsive communication from their end before making up your mind. Hope these tips will help you in finding the best partner for your business.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Want To Get Ranking Boost? Go HTTPS with Website

If you have been worried about your website ranking and want to have a quick boost to the site ranking, it is time to take a step further. With HTTPS, an SSL 2048-bit key certificate to the website can add to your ranking, but a slight bit. According to Google, doing this will enhance the website ranking a little, considering it as a “very lightweight signal” in the ranking algorithm. As per Google, HTTP will give boost to the ranking but it will be very slight, “less weight than other signals such as high quality content”.

With this step, Google endeavours to increase the safety of the websites as well as the safety of the web users online. As per Google, they want to, “encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.” However, this will have impact on only 1% or less queries online but will help in encouraging a safe web environment.

HTTPS signals have been showing positive results in Google search results for ranking and pertinence of website. A little time ago, Matt Cutts, Google head of Search Spam also said in SMX West that they will love to work on SSL for making it as a ranking factor for Google algorithm and now Google is working on making it.

As SEO professionals, it is a must for you to consider the traffic of your website before switching from HTTP to HTTPS. You cannot do it over night just because everyone will be doing it. take your time, do basic research and then go ahead with it.

Some Referral Websites to know more about this topic:

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Enjoy Professional Affiliate Marketing Services India Today

Looking for professional affiliate marketing services India? Relax, we got you covered. For over three years now, we have been helping companies from all across the globe market their products and services to the ever growing online community. Our expansive clientele and clean track record is clear proof that we are the best at what we do. 


Here are some of the key attributes that give us a higher cutting edge in the market.


This is one of the corner pillars that our company is founded on. All our personnel are highly trained to maintain high levels of professionalism before and after service delivery. By choosing us, you are assured of undivided attention, transparency and diligent treatment always. We will even go a step further to furnish you with expert advice on how to better your marketing strategies and grow your business to its full potential.

Stellar services:

Affiliate marketing is usually a complex and delicate issue to most companies due to the many logistical factors that have to be considered. We understand this fact too well and that is the core reason why we only hire experienced affiliate marketers who not only have academic qualifications but also vast hands-on experience in this niche. Additionally, we have partnered with industry custom software development India leaders who create custom software for businesses to help them communicate with their clients more efficiently and affordable. 

Excellent customer service:

To ensure that we meet all our clients’ needs, we have established a team of expert customer care representatives who are available 24/7 to respond to all your queries regarding our affiliate marketing services India. They work hand in hand with the other team members hence you can rest assured that you will get a response within the first one hour or less. Be sure to include accurate details in your query so as to get the best response. To contact us, you can call or visit our website.

Network and outsource with expert affiliates:

No man is an island. To keep tabs on the ever changing market industry, we have networked with expert affiliate marketers from various parts of the world who have had tremendous success. Our teams also undertake regular training courses and attend conferences where they get a chance to directly socialize and exchange ideas with other affiliate marketers and custom software development India companies. This has greatly helped us to deliver stellar affiliate marketing services India consistently to our clients.

Affordable service packages:

Despite the fact that our services are unequal to no other in the market, they are very affordable and convenient for all. We also offer discounts that you can take advantage of to save money for your other income generating activities. 

Let us help you scale your business to the next tier by contact us today. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Popular Misconceptions about SEO

Quality content is the major difference between old SEO and NEW SEO.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been the vanguard of how to attract visitors to your website for so long, it has become second-nature for SEO professionals to try to determine what works and what doesn’t work. But it is not as easy now as it was in the earlier days. While quality content and quality backlinks still have a place in SEO, the major search engines, especially Google, the acknowledged leader in the industry, are updating their algorithms on a daily basis.

Additionally, beyond what the major search engines are doing, there is a constantly evolving stream of new ways of optimizing a website. Only those professionals who are willing to keep track of these changes, and to be able to separate what is working and what is not working, and then to decipher what Google and other major search engines are doing, will be able to maintain an effective SEO program.

Guest Blogging is prohibited by Google: I disagree with this assessment.  The key is to be selective and to attempt to get your blog activity published only on those websites of high authority. It is very important that you don’t republish the same content on your own website. Google, and other search engines, will almost always give credit for the article to the website with higher authority. In this case, you could be punished for copying, the result being lower ratings with the major search engines.

Do Not Create Low Quality Back Links:  I totally agree with this point. Google has specifically declared in their algorithm that creating links to lower quality websites than your own, creates the possibility that you will be automatically receive links back from lower quality aggregator websites. Google has created a method called, “Google Disavow Tool” that will enable us to eliminate (disavow) all bad links to a website. You are cautioned to check all back links manually from the webmaster account to ensure that links are bad before disavowing them. It is important to check your website on a regular basis. While you are checking for bad links, be sure to concentrate on getting quality links to your website.

Do Not Purchase Links:  I Don’t necessarily agree with this.  If you use the no follow attribute for all purchase links to your website, Google will not recognize your links and you will still reap the benefit of getting user engagement to your website.

Higher Page Rank Is Better Than Lower Page Rank:  It’s obvious that having a high page ranking on the major search engines creates a better chance for you to obtain business. But it’s not the only way to succeed. As I pointed out in a previous blog, a website that contains useful information to the consumer and properly optimized values will create confidence in visitors to your website, resulting in return visits and, as visitors gain confidence in your efforts, in more business.