Friday, 29 August 2014

Various Google Tools Beneficial For Marketing

When it comes to marketing, the first though that pops in our mind is to hire a marketing firm and let them handle it. In these times when almost all the companies and professionals are hiring marketing professionals for targeting their clients and raising their sale figures, it is not possible to stand out as a unique business.

Customers love to get uniqueness no matter in which form it is available. Apart from this, as a businessman or owner of a brand, you will have to understand that customers are becoming tech savvy. They are connected with the virtual world most of them time. They are not reluctant of using the search engine to locate nearest restaurant or a books store; they book tickets from smart phones as well as pay their bills. When the technology is developing so much, how can you survive by using brick and mortar methods of marketing?

Google Tools

It is time to change the methods with smart Google tools. Google has been developing itself to benefit all the business and websites present on the search engine database, which is like all of them. Here are some tools that will help you to improve your visibility on search engine, better sale and client interaction:

•  Google maps: while looking for something, you might have seen those red drops like structures in a Google map. They are to help users to locate similar services as per their query in nearby location. Get your business registered with the Google maps or Google places to be seen.

•  Google tags: Tag your business with locations to get better visibility. Users can add reviews and comments, thus helping more people to know about your business.

Apart from these two there are Google AdWords, Google docs, search based keyword tool, Google alerts, Google gadgets, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool and various other tools that can contribute in making your marketing strategy a success story.


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