Saturday, 6 September 2014

Twitter: Soon Initiating Some Big Changes


For all the Twitter lovers, here is big news for you. This social media platform will very soon equip itself with latest features and shedding off some old features to maintain the vitality as well as the usability of the platform among its users.

Twitter, the micro blogging website is well-known for its effective marketing and promotional platform. Recently the head of the Twitter revealed that very soon Twitter will make some big changes to make the platform more effective and updated for all the Tweet lovers.

Many Twitter users often complain about unwanted tweets, they find difficulty in filtering significant tweets from the noise. To sort out such issues Twitter executive planned to launch something revolutionary. Daniel Graf, Twitter’s new head of product has focusing on improving search one of his top priorities for 2015. The essence of this new change can be understood by the statement made by Twitter CFO Antony Noto; he said that; “….an algorithm that delivers the depth and breadth of the content we have on a specific topic and then eventually as it relates to people”.

Like Facebook, Twitter is also planning to equip the platform with group chat facility. The purpose of introducing all these changes is to make the platform more user-friendly, updated and useful for the business community as well as for the users.

Mr.Noto has always made it clear that all these changes would be introduced in a systematic manner without creating any trouble or creating panic among the users.

Twitter has helped many small and mid size business industries in earning high revenue. You can easily find the success as well as failure stories about the Twitter marketing agenda. It is the strength of this social media platform that one cannot imagine to design a SMO plan without integrating Twitter profile.


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