Saturday, 29 November 2014

Is Bing Trying To Be Better Than Google?

With the phrase “Search engine” the only word that pops in our mind is Google. It has become synonymous for each other. Clearly, there are a lot of search engines available on the web world, but we only think of googling things whenever we need some information or need to look for something online.

Over a period of time, other search engines have been trying hard to give Google competition but hardly any of them made any impact on this search engine giant. However there is but one search engine that has been trying very hard to keep up with Google modifying, changing and introducing better algorithms as well as features for enhancing user experience.

This search engine is Bing.

Since last year we have been seeing Bing towards making some important changes in its look and result outcome in order to match up with most innovative Google. Taking one more step in this regard over the holidays, Bing has successfully left Google behind in its own carousal theme for showing results. Holiday season is round the corner with Thanksgiving coming first of all with its special dinner and parties.

People will have started looking for Thanksgiving recipes all around internet in order to cook something special for their host or their family. Bing tried to use the carousal theme for showcasing all the thanksgiving recipes together in which Google got lagged behind. The major search engine hasn’t clearly shown any changes for the season in its search result page. Maybe it is a small but significant success for Bing for being thoughtful for web users.


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