Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid in Doing SEO for Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is vital to any Internet Marketing Campaign. So, it is very necessary to execute this in a right way. A single mistake can destroy your online campaign and your reputation too. There are numerous of SEO myths that it is very difficult to know which is true? But some of SEO myths are 100% true. I have collected some major SEO myths for you which you must avoid to build your online campaign successful.

I can advise you that below are some important points which you should avoid:


1. Purchasing Links: With the help of buying link you will sure get good search positions in a short period of time but with the help of this technique you are creating risk for your website self. Paid links are flagged as spam by Google web spam team. They are taking their eyes on such types of activity and in coming days they will send you a message of penalization to your website. While purchasing links must consider different-different anchor texts.

2. Duplicate Content: Duplicate content is like poison for website. Google bot separates these types of website and take off far away from good search positions. So, always try to use original content with informative topics which help your users to engage with your post or website.

3. In Hurry to Get Page Rank: Page Rank factor totally depends to Google. You need not to work irrelevant to chase page rank. Try to use all ethical SEO terms activities for your website. Once Google will update their page rank algorithm and they found on that time all ethical with quality and informative contents, they must consider your website good and allot good page rank.

4. Blank/Automated Titles: Title Tag is one of the major facts in SEO to gain good search positions. Search engine first read your title tag of web page and consider whole page as same. If you have used a short and very informative title tags then it will be much more easier for search engine to give you good search positions. Do not leave this tag empty or automated. Must place useful title tags for your web page.

5. Flash Design: Design of any website is first impression of website. If your website has good design and all relevant to Google Algorithms then you will sure get good positions. Do not use flash or heavy images for your website. A good loading time of website also have a great value in terms of search engine. So, must try to use a good design with good loading time.

6. Missing ALT Tags: ALT Tags helps to read images of your website/Blog to search engine. A proper optimized image has a great value in Google search results. Must try to use well formatted image to your website. Do not miss this term in your website.

7. Keywords Stuffing: This is one of the common SEO mistakes do by SEO guys. They only use their keywords in web page content and have not any idea about keywords stuffing. First read keywords stuffing factors and then proper optimize your web page content with a good use of keywords.

8. Irrelevant Category: A normal SEO guy works without knowing the value of proper category and irrelevant category. But a professional guy always work with proper category. With the help of proper category you can build a good repo and gain a good search position too while using irrelevant category for your website get a penalize message from Google.

9. Not Updating Sitemaps: Most common SEO mistake is not updating sitemaps for website. Update your sitemap regularly by your admin/FTP panel and also from Google Webmaster Tool too. An updated sitemap helps you in better crawling and indexing of your web pages.

10. 404 Page not Found: 404 error page is an important page of your website. It prevents your users to go outside of your website in case of some TYPO mistake. So, must use a 404 error page for your website.

So, doing SEO is not a big art. Doing SEO with positive approach is a good sign for your website and online reputation. Follow these steps and commit not to do such types of common SEO mistakes for your website.


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