Thursday, 12 June 2014

Know All About On Page Optimization- A Complete Guide

Receiving a good search position in search results is now days not an easiest task for most of the SEO's. A lot of traffic passes through Google to your website and Google is going smarter day by day. So, if you are still with old fashioned algorithms and works then do not hesitate to leave all old memories and keep yourself updated. You will have to follow all Google guidelines and work accordingly to achieve smart search positions in search results.

On Page Optimization is very first step in SEO for any website. This is very important phase of website to optimize properly. Webmasters will have to give higher attention to this phase and optimize website with full SEO guidelines. It is very past ideas to only change Meta Titles and Descriptions of website and you will get good search positions. Now you will have to follow all On Page factors to drive good traffic and achieve good search positions.

I have tried to summarize below major On Page factors of any website for you. You can implement all facts into your website for a better exposure in front of search engines. A well optimized website will help you in increase your CTR(Click Through Rate).

1. Title Tags Optimization: A Title Tag is well enough to describe about your web page. This must be short and informative to identify your business. A Search engine first focuses on Title Tag and Index into their database. So, for this your website will have to more appealing Meta Titles than your competitors to attract search engines as well as your users.

You can add some points in Your Title Tag for better appealing. Like as:
a. Your Business Name/Brand Name.
b. Keywords
c. Toll Free Numbers

2. Meta Description Optimization: A Meta Description for any website which you can not ignore. In Past it was not much important but in this scenario it plays a vitol role in search results. A website meta description must be focused on your services and serviced areas. If this will be informative and appealing then you will automatically get click on your website. If it will be not well written then automatically search engine escapes your website and found others and reach others in good search positions than you.

Some Points must considerable in Meta Descriptions:
a. Your Services.
b. Keywords
c. Your Phone Numbers
d. Your Serviced Area.

3. HTML Tags: Highlight some important terms of your website for your users to keep eyes on all these. For this some HTML tags are very good option. Some HTML tags which are likely used are H1, H2, H3, Bold/Strong, Italics. Search engine gives a high importance to that text which is coded with H1 in web pages. This works as a header of website. So, you need to keep your very highlighted text in H1 to take extra attention of search engines as well as users.

4. Content Optimization: A well optimized web page content is a good sign of content optimization. There is a need to map your web page content with your set up keywords. Keep Keywords Density in your mind and optimize your web page content all around keywords. For this do a good keyword research for your web page and keep in your contents. Overly promotional content will be banned by search engine. So, keep keywords in content in such a way that it better suits to search engine and your users too.

5. Internal Link Optimization: Make a suitable internal linking in your web pages. Use a good anchor text to help users to go to your another web pages of website. Don't use "Click Here", "Find Here", etc phrases for anchor text. Use appropriate anchor text in your website. This will help your users to proper understand about anchor texts and they simply go to other pages by clicking on your anchored text.

6. Image Optimization: If you are using images to your website then must optimize your images with suitable ALT Tags for better indexing of images. Search engine will not read images. They read images by their name which is used with ALT Tags.

7. Search Engine Friendly URLs: A friendly URL also matters lot in SEO. We will have to place a static URL rather of Dynamic URls. A static and friendly URL helps users as well as search engines to know more about your web pages.

With the help of above basic facts of website your website will be optimized in a good way and search engine will definitely give a deep attention to your website. Hope you will have enjoyed this post. If any question feel free to drop a comment below in comment box. I will feel happy to help you with best solutions.


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