Saturday, 10 May 2014

Google Webmaster Guidelines for Fresher’s and Experts

Google Webmaster Tool is very essential and great tool provided by Google to manage your website and activities. In my last post I had updated with basic summary about webmaster uses in maximizing seo campaign. In this post I will let you update with every tools of webmaster account.

Site Dashboard: In dashboard you can find all activities of website at a single place. Like if your website has any new messages, crawl errors, queries, impressions, clicks, sitemaps, etc. All at one place in dashboard.

Site Messages: In site message you will find all messages related to your website. Like if you have linked up Google Analytic property to your website, any UN-natural links messages to your website, geographical setting messages, etc.

Search Appearance:

    a.       Structured Data: This gives you a list of each type of structured data found on website. Like number of URLs on website that contains such types of data, total number of that type of data items, errors of data types.

   b.      Data Highlighter: This tool teaches Google about the pattern of your structured data on website. If you use Data Highlighter for website then Google displays your website in new ways in search results. This tool can only access those pages of website which has recently crawled by Google.

   c.       HTML Improvements: This tool displays HTML errors of website like Duplicate Titles, Descriptions, Short Titles, Descriptions, Non Indexable contents. This will not affect your website crawling, caching and indexing but essential to fix these errors in earliest time.
d.      Sitelinks: Sitelinks are those pages of your website which Google considers useful pages and a good weightage page in website. At the moment this is automatically created and displays with your website in search results.

Search Traffic:

   a.       Search Queries: Search queries displays the returned pages of your website with a given query. This shows a graph along with query, impressions, clicks, CTR and average positions.

   b.      Links to Your Site: This shows the links that Googlebot discovered during crawling and indexing of website. It also displays the most linked pages of your website.

   c.       Internal Links: This displays web pages with most of internal linking.

   d.      Manual Links:  This displays a manual action needed for website. It comes then when Google found any spammy activities for your website. When you will have to do manual action then you will get automatically a message from Google team in your site messages tool in webmaster account.

Google Index:

   a.       Index Status: This tool displays stats about indexing of your website by Google. Check your index status and if found any problem then must check your website manually.

   b.      Content Keywords: This tool displays most significant keywords linking with website. Check all your linked keywords and if found any un-natural keywords then must take action immediate.

   c.       Remove URLs: If you want to urgently remove any web URL from search results then use this tool to remove permanently from search results. Use this tool very carefully coz this will not delete your pages from webmaster but also from the search results of Google.


   a.       Crawl errors: This tool displays those web pages of website which is not properly crawled by Google. It means that Googlebot has faced problem in crawling this page.

   b.      Crawl Stats: This tool provides you information about Googlebot activities on your website.

   c.       Fetch as Google: This tool uses then when you find that Google doesn’t crawl your website properly like if you have added something in website and need to crawl immediate then you can fetch that web page or full website as fetch as Google.

   d.      Blocked URLs: This tool displays those lists of pages which Google has not crawled due to restrictions of using robots.txt.

   e.      Sitemaps: This tells Google about your website. This contains XML sitemap and tells Google all about your website and web pages.

f.        URL Parameters: Googles gives you this tool to handle duplicate URLs and contents. When your website has duplicate URls then Google takes all in cluster and analyze well to display which URls in search results. With this tool you can tell all about your duplicate URLs to Google.

Security Issues: This tool displays a security error about your website when your website is malware attacked. This gives a way to prevent website from malware issue and request reconsideration.


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