Thursday, 8 May 2014

Uses Google Webmaster Tools to Enhance Your SEO Campaign

Google provides a lot of SEO tools to SEO guys. The most friendly tool to enhance your SEO campaign is Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tool. You can see all insights view of your traffic, sources, referrals using Google Analytic account of website and now you can do some extra by using Google Webmaster account of website. Google Webmaster account provides advanced analysis of your website.

If you have not yet setup Google Webmaster account for your website then nothing to worry about that. You can set up with an ease by signing up with your Google Account. You will have to verify your domain by some methods provided by Google. It is just to confirm that you are the real admin of your website and now using webmaster account for same domain name. You can verify by your Hosting names, Meta Tags to upload, a verification code to upload on server or through your analytic account.

Google Webmaster tool is a strong concept for a better SEO campaign. This shows as same how Google sees your website? You can find every terms of website by using Google Webmaster account. You can check from where your web page is linked, which links have break down, which domains linked your website, how much impression you are getting, how many clicks your website have, etc? A complete site structure is available in your Google Webmaster account.

In next post I will let you update with every terms of webmaster in details. Keep watching my blog and use in your practical SEO campaign.


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