Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Big Question: How to Improve Your Website Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a big metrics to identify your website importance. This is a tool developed by Moz to measure any website importance. It plays a great role to receive attention of users as well as search engines. As high your domain authority maximum chances to get traffic and higher ranking in search results.

It is a big question in all SEO’s mind that how to improve domain authority? Is this really a big question? I think NO. With the help of your little effort you can do it easily. No matter, I will help you in this work. I will guide you through this blog post that how you can achieve good domain authority. At this time some websites are on Internet which has domain authority of 100 like if you will check facebook.com, twitter.com, Wikipedia.org, adobe.com, google.com, etc. You need not to worry. Be calm and patient, you will sure achieve the maximum number (100) one day. You will have to do some action for the same.

Domain authority depends on lots of factors. Most of the important is from how many websites you are getting back links and how often important and authorities those links are? You need to check all links manually and list up all bad links in a separate text file (Notepad). Most authorized back links you have maximum chances to improve your domain authority.

Below are some points which will also help you in increase domain authority:

Check Website with Technical SEO: First check that your website is free from all SEO errors or not? To get a good domain authority it is very necessary to get rid of all SEO errors like robots, site structure, navigation, URL structures, sitemaps, Meta tags, etc. You will have to check every section of website with all SEO factors and fix all possible errors from website.

Publish Quality Contents: You will have to add a blog/news section on website and will have to update blogs/news on every 1-2 days with a high quality and informative contents which will engage customers. The second option is that post a high quality web page content which has all information what a user wants into any website. This will help search engines as well as users to interact with your website. Always post contents with number of interlinings. Interlinings helps search engines to crawl all pages and users to gain more information related to that keyword. Use only authentic internal linking not a fake.

Remove Toxic Links: Always check webmaster tools account of website and identify good and bad links of website. Remove toxic links as early as possible.

Great Social Media Presence: When you post something on social media websites then on that time you have one thing in mind that multiple users did like, comment and re-share your post. How this will happen if you will not post in a great way. So, learn some basic and necessary tips before posting on social media. When you leave your website URL into social media websites then there become a numerous of chances to attract customers to website. If you get success in this sure your website will have a good amount of traffic in shortest period of time and your domain authority will improve.


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