Friday, 23 May 2014

How to Optimize Your Blogs and Get Visitors with Blogs?

Blogging is really one of the great activity to engage your customers and helps them by posting informative and quality posts using images, info-graphics, videos. To engage your audience it is very important to update your blog time to time. Always try to write on those topics which are most searchable or most trendy. When you avail a unique and informative post to your audience then you will automatically receive likes, shares and comments from them.

It is very necessary that your blog should be properly optimized to take attention of top search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. Apart of informative blog post your blog must have an eye-catchy design, a well sidebars, a good blogrolls, social media sections. This will help you in drive a good amount of traffics to your blog. Below are some ways to drive organic traffics with Blog:

1. Internal Linking: An internal linking is a hyperlink which interacts with your inner pages or other blogs post. If you are writing any blog post and there comes a word on which you have written blog post earlier then must try to make interlinking/hyperlink to that specific word. This will help your user to know more about that specific word and you will then automatically get a new visit to your old blog post.

2. Side Bars: Sidebars are really a great way to quick interact with your old posts. You will have to choose most popular words and make hyperlink on that word. Place popular blog post, new blog post, popular titles, most searchable posts in your sidebars for quick interaction. This will increase your blog popularity and you will get all time new visitors to your blog.

3. Use Anchor Text Wisely: Anchor text is quickly clickable text in your blog content. So, try to use anchor text wisely in your blog post. A well hyper-linked text tells a great way of your blogging and make you a good blogger in front of others.Don't try to make lot of hyperlinking into your blog post. This will ruin your hard effort and you will loose audience then. So, must try to use anchor text wisely in your blog post.

4. Optimize Images: As we all know that Google won't read images directly. They know images by their ALT Tags. So, when you are going to use images in your blog post, must use ALT tags and give a proper name to your image. A good image name works lot in search results and you will go automatically in good search results.

5. Use Long Tail Keywords: Always try to use long tail keywords for your blog post. A long tail key phrases helps you lot in receive visits and attracts your audience. Most people use five to seven words key phrases for a specific search  or detailed overview. If your blog content has long tail keywords then you will get a good search results and take organic visits to your blog.

So, overall a good way of blogging is really very helpful way to drive traffics and engage audience, Follow all techniques for your blog post and receive good amount of traffics to your blog.


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