Saturday, 17 May 2014

Check Your Website Whether Hit by Google or Something Else?

When someone got a big drop in traffic of website, they think that website is hit by Google but according to me this is not true. There can be several issues of dropping traffic on website. Really Google Hit is one of them but this is not all around in dropping traffic. In this post I will let you update with all factors of dropping traffic to website.

Has Your Website really been Hit by Google?

If you think website been hit by any update of Google then first go through analytic account of website, Check traffic details of website. You can check month by month traffic to website. Note all your traffic details month by month. There you can see the date of traffic drop. After that check Google Algorithmic update history. Moz offers Google Algorithmic update History Page by which you can review all algorithmic update of Google. Now check again your traffic drop date and search again in moz algorithmic update page that on that day what update has done by Google? Now you have a clear understanding about the damage. Now search what to take action to repair damage of website and do accordingly.

Additionally if you have suspect about spammy links to website or any notification from Google then must check Google Webmaster account of website. With the help of Google Webmaster account of website you can track each activities of website in a clear way. Actually Google webmaster account displays same data what Google actually reads about your website. Check message section first to your webmaster account and see that any message from Google team is available there or not? If yes then review once and take immediate action accordingly. To check spammy links to website must check “Links to Your Site” section of webmaster account and download all back links to your website. You will have to check one by one each link manually and list up all spam links for Google disavow.

Some Other reasons to drop traffic:

Misusing Robots File: Robots file always play a key role in your website and pages caching, crawling and indexing. Sometimes most of the guys have not well known understanding about robots file and they do some major mistake in robots file. And the result directly reflects to website and website goes in trouble in caching, crawling and indexing by search engines. Use always robots.txt file on server with a better understanding coz a little mistake in robots file will destroy your website. Always first check links, pages or folders before make it disallow in robots.txt file.

301 Redirection: Don’t miss your website to go for 301 redirection. With WWW and without WWW both have different aspects and different ways to displaying results in search engines. Google considers both as a separate website and displays separately. By this your whole website goes duplicate with contents and links. So, must use proper 301 redirection code to website to move permanently.

SEO as ongoing campaign: I have seen most of the guy invest one time investment with website SEO. This is a big drawback in dropping traffic too on website. SEO is long lasting process and always ongoing investment. You will have to invest regularly for your website SEO and sure day by day you will get improvement in traffic not decrease in traffic. So, choice is in your hand. I must suggest you to please go with ongoing investment. Don’t stop.

So, now my conclusion is that not always blame algorithmic update and misguide your client. Go through the real issue with website and must fix accordingly.


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