Friday, 27 November 2015

5 Ways to Make Shareable Images That Drive Traffic


Text updates do not rule social media anymore. Everything has become visual. Every page that you see is filled with videos, graphics and images. There is a valid reason behind this and that is:

The time taken for the human brain to process visuals is 60,000 times faster when compared to text.’

You may think what if you don’t have it in you to design these graphic elements. No worries! Technology has the answer to every problem today. You need not go looking for an artist or run an online search on ‘SMO company India’ to get your graphic elements designed. There is no need to pinch your pocket by hiring the services of any graphic designer or smo company India. Here is a list of five design hacks that you can use to enhance your social media content and make it shareable and engaging:

1) The WordPress Image Hover Lite: This plugin can prove very helpful to increase the share-ability of your graphics and boost traffic to your website.  You can enhance your text by adding in shapes, textures and colors that can capture the attention of your visitors instantly. Try to use as less text as possible. You can use images that have empty copy spaces where you can fit in your text. This way, you can make your text readable, digestible and also sharable. This plugin will also allow you to add in a few social share hovers on your images to make them sharable.


2) Websites like Pexels, SplitShire, Life of Pix and Unsplash can help you with high quality images that you can download for free: Awkward, Cheesy and grainy images can no way make your brand look professional and credible.  Gone are those days when you had to pay a lot of money to buy images of high resolution. Today such images are available in every category possible, on many websites, free of charge. They will make your graphics look appealing and very much sharable.

3) for creating exclusive designs and documents: This is an excellent website to create social graphics, banners, flyers, brochures, infographics, business cards, posters and various other kinds of material. It is very easy to learn and use these tools as they are extremely user-friendly. It is good to have a variety of visual content such as quote graphics, infographics, screenshots and photographs, so that you can keep your fans engaged on social media. You can keep your templates ready to make it as easy and quick as possible. 


4) Pinterest Research for visual trends: If you are looking to add in some trendy visuals to your website Pinterest research would be a good option. You can find everything starting from banners, quote cards, brochures to infographics. It is also possible to keep an account of those graphics that resonate among the audience through the number of re-pins.  Keep it as simple as possible and take away any graphic elements that may compete with your message. Pinterest will help you create content that is attention-grabbing and trendy within no time at all. 


5) Brand your Graphics with Color Palettes, fonts and filters from Pinterest: There is no point using graphics that do not contain your brand. Make sure you always add a watermark whenever you use graphics. Even a link to your website at the end of the graphic will do. It is good to create a template that you can use for things like photographs, infographics and quotes. Also keep standard color themes, font combinations and filters that you will use in all kinds of content. 


Any of these design hacks can make your social media campaign a super duper success and help you in increase the share-ability of the graphics you create.  It is now up to you to try out one of these as per your preferences.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Two Secrets of Email Marketing That You May Not Have Known

Marketing a business using the internet has continued to be common. As a matter of fact, the number of business owners who are using the internet as a platform for marketing their products and services has continued to rise by an alarming rate. Today, almost 100 % of the large scale business entities in developed countries are available on the internet and they use the internet for marketing a variety of products and services. 

Based on this, the internet is rapidly becoming the centre of marketing. Email marketing is one of the internet marketing tools that are used on a large scale. There are many business entities that rely on email marketing. But, you cannot succeed in marketing if you do not manage to unlock the secrets of email marketing. Some of the major secrets of email marketing are highlighted in the passage.

To start with, you have to try by all means to personalise your emails. All companies that provide email marketing services often have to install this principle into their clients because of its importance in as far as marketing is concerned. Personalising emails will help you to capture the attention of your email recipient. In the end, you will easily disseminate your information across a large audience of customers. Personalising emails does not only help you to capture the attention of your customers. Rather, it also helps you to reduce the number of deleted mails.  

Today, it is now well understood that email marketing success is closely related to the quality of web content on the official business page. This means that your chances of drawing more customers to your web page will be higher if the quality of your official business web page is high. That is why it is vital to invest in custom web design services. You will easily come up with web pages that are good enough to attract your targeted audience of customers.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Why You Should be Investing More on Mobile PPC?


Some marketers believe that most people carry around their desktops with them whenever they go. Well, this can’t be true right? How can a smart guy who is into online marketing for a while believe in such ridiculous thing? Well, guess what, this could be the only reason why ‘some’ adwords specialists still tend to ignore when it comes to serving the ad copies to the users who are using mobile devices.

Mobile has become ubiquitous these days. People in fact are always switching between multiple devices to be able to stay connected to the web and that means, if you are ignoring mobile PPC, you are making a serious mistake. Here in this article, we are going to explain why we should be focusing more Mobile PPC

Targeting International Audience

If you check Google Analytics Report of your website, you will come to realize the fact that majority of conversion are still happening from the desktop users. But the scenario changes drastically when you are checking the conversion report of a website that gets traffic mainly from developed world. You will find that a significant percentage of the total number of conversion is happening from mobile devices instead. 

However, it is not at all surprising given the fact that in developed countries more and more people are using hi-end mobile devices and hi-speed net connection that enable them to browse the web faster and effortlessly. So, if the majority of your targeting audiences are located in the USA, the UK or any other developed countries, you need to make sure that you serving your ads to the mobile users too. In fact, the situation is changing in emerging markets like India, China, Brazil and some African countries like Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and Botswana etc where an increasing number of people are using hi-end mobile devices to browse the web. 

So, don’t ignore these prospective customers. So, if you are running a business from any of those countries, you just need to get in touch with a PPC company in India to get started in case you don’t have the required set of skills.

Click to Call Function

Since Adwords has included a function name – Click to call that enabled mobile to call directly from their handsets, it has opened a window of opportunity for the marketers. BIA/Kelsey study shows that a whopping 65 percentage of marketers put their trust on this Feature as they believe that Click to Call option helps them convert more people. 

Wondering why does this happen? Well then try to imagine the journey of a desktop user. First he sees your adwords ads > clicks on it > lands on the landing page > clicks on the Call to Action button >gets redirected to Contact Us page > Fills out all the information > Clicks on the Submit button.
This is clearly a long journey and the chances are quite high that a vast majority of such users might end up changing their mind midway and eventually leave the website. Probably this is the reason why desktop based landing page has such a low conversion rate just around 3%. 

This is the reason why the Click to Call feature can be the game changer. The users would not have to visit the landing page. They will see the ad and if they like, they will just call the business right from their mobile device. Simple and convenient.

Promote Your App

Mobile PPC is absolutely important for promoting your company’s app. You simply will not gain anything if you are serving an ad that encourages users to download a mobile app. Just think this way. Desktop users will click on that add only to find that they need to type a long URL in their mobile browser to be able to download that app. This is super irritating from a user’s stand point. So, if you are trying to promote your mobile app, the bottom-line is you need to start targeting the mobile users via Mobile PPC. Try to find a reliable PPC company in India who is well versed with different aspects of Mobile PPC and you will see a steady increase in the number of download of your mobile app.

Everything Has Changed

Search Landscape has changed massively in the past few years. An increasing number of people are now using tablets, iPhone etc to do their daily works and to browse the web. So, if you are not targeting these people, you will not be able to increase the revenue of your business organization. Moreover, mobile search volume has already surpassed the desktop search volume and that means, marketing opportunities have moved to the mobile landscape already. So if you are still ignoring the importance of Mobile PPC, you will be missing out on opportunities that could have been knocking at your door otherwise. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to kickstart a mobile PPC campaign because there are many marketing companies offering PPC management services in India. You can call us directly in that case and we will help you to get started.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Benefits of Using SEO for Marketing a Business


If you have a business and you are not willing to invest in marketing, you should not be surprised if you do not witness any kind of growth. Unfortunately, there is no gain without pain just as there is no sweet without sweat. This also applies to business to a very significant extent. You can’t expect to realise any kind of growth in your business if you do not put in place the right measures to stimulate your desired amount of growth. Investing in marketing is often said to be a good idea. 
As a matter of fact, marketing is at the centre of business growth. The amount of success that you will witness within a certain period of time will depend greatly on your marketing tools and how reliable they are. A perfect marketing tool is SEO or search engine optimisation. Many benefits come with the use of SEO as highlighted in the passage.

To start with, you will easily make your web content visible in various search engines. This actually comes with several advantages. One of the most notable advantages is the fact that your targeted audience of customers will easily search for your web page and find it. This will enable you to easily disseminate your marketing information. Therefore, it is a good idea to book SEO packages.  

Another notable advantage that is associated with SEO is the fact that it works perfectly with social media marketing. Actually, the two marketing tools are frequently used together for purposes of marketing goods and services on the internet. This is what makes SEO a very powerful marketing tool. Once it is combined with social media marketing, the marketing results are often higher than using the tool alone. If you hire any reliable SEO company India, you will be told whether you can combine SEO and social media marketing.