Friday, 6 November 2015

How to Increase Visitors to Your Word Press Website?

 If you are looking to increase visitors to your wordpress website then you are right place now coz the data which I am sharing here is based upon results achieved. It is not easy to get number of visitors on your wordpress website/blog. You need to be very proactive in doing SEO works for your wordspress website for achieving this.

Follow these formulas and you will sure have the better results than before:

     1. Optimize your Pages/Posts in the Google SERPs: Most webmaster only write Meta Titles and Descriptions and leave the page. But now change your mind, technique and work like a professional SEO. Before making live your Meta Tags check in SERP that how your Meta Tags are appearing? Are you satisfied with the appearance? Do you have any more changes required for your post? Be sure to answer first all your questions before making live your Meta Tags.

Use Yoast Plugin:
YOAST is very popular and effective SEO Plugin available in Wordpress. Search this plugin under add plugins section and Install it. After that open your pages first and go to YOAST setting. You will get there “Yoast SEO”. Now you need to put the best Title and Descriptions into your Yoast text box and you are done with Meta Tags now. 

     2. Use Breadcrumbs: It is also known as Navigation. Breadcrumb is very powerful and great SEO technique which helps you in both ways through search engine as well as visitors point. Look at below:
It helps your visitor to know where exactly they are into the website and how to explore pages in website. Also it will be displayed in to your Google Search Results.

     3. Interlinking to Pages:  Don’t miss any chance to get interlink with your pages if you have suitable words into your content. Always use interlinking in between pages of website to get extra boost. It will help your visitors to explore more pages in website as well as number of visitors to pages in website.

     4. Social Sharing Buttons: There are plenty of social sharing plugin available in Wordpress. Chose the best social sharing plugin and add after your post. This will help you in maximizing your pages/posts with various social accounts on web. User will also participate into your social sharing and share your posts/pages. 

     5. Newsletter: Help your visitors to get an alert of your new posts into website/blog. Once you are done with your new post then it will reach to your subscribed users into website. 

I hope with these effective jobs you will have number of visitors’ flows on your website. If you think some important term is missing here please don’t hesitate to write us into the comment section.


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