Saturday, 16 August 2014

FB virus- A New Threat to Facebook Users


Adding to the long history of Facebook virus attacks, here is another one, Facebook Color changing app. Some of you might have seen this as a link in comments or messages on your Facebook profiles. As per the reports, around 10,000 Facebook user profiles have been infected with this virus. And the count might still go up if the users and Facebook does not take essential steps to eradicate it.

Facebook is the biggest social networking website in the virtual world. It is not only helpful in providing a medium to people to connect with each other but also an opportunity to business houses and companies to connect with masses for the benefit of the business. Moreover, it is also used to generate awareness as well as influence masses for revolutions and politics. Single Facebook profile can be used for a number of aspects given you are capable of doing it all well.

Among all this popularity and convenience of use, Facebook users have also being threatened by virus attacks every now and then. We have been seeing spammy links and viruses attacking user profiles, targeting their friends, using their personal information for bigger threats. However, on short or long haul, Facebook has been capable of handling these infections.

Facebook color changing virus lures users by offering to change to the color of their profile with an array of 9 color options. However, instead of changing the color, the virus will infect their site, collect profile access token and utilize further friends contact and details to spread the link ahead. Facebook has not released any dialogue regarding this virus infestation so far, but hopefully they will be working something out to control it. 


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