Monday, 11 August 2014

Want To Get Ranking Boost? Go HTTPS with Website

If you have been worried about your website ranking and want to have a quick boost to the site ranking, it is time to take a step further. With HTTPS, an SSL 2048-bit key certificate to the website can add to your ranking, but a slight bit. According to Google, doing this will enhance the website ranking a little, considering it as a “very lightweight signal” in the ranking algorithm. As per Google, HTTP will give boost to the ranking but it will be very slight, “less weight than other signals such as high quality content”.

With this step, Google endeavours to increase the safety of the websites as well as the safety of the web users online. As per Google, they want to, “encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.” However, this will have impact on only 1% or less queries online but will help in encouraging a safe web environment.

HTTPS signals have been showing positive results in Google search results for ranking and pertinence of website. A little time ago, Matt Cutts, Google head of Search Spam also said in SMX West that they will love to work on SSL for making it as a ranking factor for Google algorithm and now Google is working on making it.

As SEO professionals, it is a must for you to consider the traffic of your website before switching from HTTP to HTTPS. You cannot do it over night just because everyone will be doing it. take your time, do basic research and then go ahead with it.

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