Wednesday, 11 March 2015


We are not very far from the day when every homemaker will be on the internet to order every day necessities from online bazaar. The dynamics of shopping are changing rapidly and youngsters are the driver for this change. The organizations are too prepared and are adopting new ways to reach the customers through E-MARKETING.

Recently, the marketing strategies have witnessed a complete new set of genes injected into its body, which is set to bring drastic changes in the future. There is a rise of content marketing today. Organizations with blogs are expected to generate 67% more leads per month than those without blogs. High quality and relevant content will be key to digital marketing of the future.

There are no doubts that online marketing is on the rise but still there is a need to check the gap between online and offline experience. It is a big step and one of the first possible technological applications meant to combine online and offline are micro-location technologies, in particular APPLE'S "ibeacon". It's a known fact that we remember more when we learn visually.

The organizations understand this and therefore they are adopting it at a large scale. Videos are the best way to show how a product or service works. This trend is most likely to linger throughout 2015, when multiple companies will begin with "EXPLAINER VIDEOS".

Markets already use dozens of analytical tools in order to see how customers interact with their company's product or services. The importance of this section of marketing will increase this year, when spending for that purpose are expected to go up by 60%. On the same line is the internet advertisement, which is predicted to rise by 10% - on a global rate.

The web is a place where people spend time during work and free time, giving marketers a wealth of greater opportunities for targeting options that are unavailable in offline advertisements. Mobile ads are also expected to grow by smashing 48% in 2015. These are only handful of codes been decoded. It is a world of infinite ideas, which are untapped.

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