Friday, 27 March 2015

SEO: What it Used to Be Vs What It is Now

SEO is completely changed from its past. Day by day Google is rolling out their algorithm updates and force webmasters to change their Strategy too. What it used to be is now a history but what it is now is a key to enjoy ROI. So, it’s the time to ditch your old SEO methods and update you with new SEO methodologies.

With Panda, Penguin and other Google algorithm updates, SEO has changed over years and now old activities doesn’t work anymore.

I have been reading SEO blogs from my beginning and completely satisfy with Google updates. As we know Google is a Search Engine and it has their responsibility to help their users with their best search results. This is what Google is very far away from Yahoo and Bing.

I would like to start my content with Keywords for website.

    1.   Keywords Selection: In Old SEO keywords used to be Singular and people work on single keywords to promote website. Like as if people had a keyword “SEO Company India” to work then they only use SEO Company India everywhere in their activity. They never think about its synonyms and matched versions and always used to push a single keyword. It used to be Singular keyword and Page Focused. Ranking Focused Activity.

But in New SEO keywords doesn’t matter what it is. It all depends to webmaster how wise they are and how wisely they are using it? Now if a webmaster have a keyword “SEO Company India”  then they never think to work on this singular phrase and they easily choose its alternatives which matched with this keyword like as “SEO Company In India”, “Best SEO Company India”, ”Top SEO Company India”, “India SEO Company”, “Indian SEO Company” and so on. 

Conclusion: The conclusion is that use wisely keywords in your activity and work with Synonyms or alternatives keywords too. Focus more on how people engage with a particular brand, product and services. ROI Focused. Focus on Long Tail Searches.

70% of search traffic comes from Long Tail Keywords and on other hand 69% focus on conversion rates and performance metrics.

      2.  Content Creation: In Old SEO people used to create content for Search Engines. It didn’t matter whether it is informative or not and whether it meets with users searches or not. They don’t regard to quality of content or relevance.

But now in New SEO they have to use quality content and write original and real content that interacts users to website. Focus always your users. Write content for users not for BOT. This is the only strategy to reach to top page and enjoy ROI.

Conclusion: Content Marketing is highly in demand in current scenario. So, you will have to create content wisely and with number of researches. Be sure to use quality content and proper linking to your web pages and I am sure it will directly reflect to your SEO Marketing and you will be the industry leader.

     3.  Link Building: Old SEO was for Spammers who did not think about quality of links and only believe in creating links either it is SPAM. Old SEO had a demand to create number of back links and will reach to top page in Google. They had not understanding about Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Rank, Alexa Rank, etc major terms.

But in New SEO one and only Quality of links matters. Forget those spammy links and work only for quality. Do research before creating links for website; check their Page Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Category and other terms. 

Conclusion: Do SEO with quality activities. Never think about quantity coz it will never help and only downgrade your positions as well as may be penalization of website.


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