Monday, 7 September 2015

“M”- the New Digital Assistant

Being called the “digital era”, internet marketing has evolved at a higher pace. Internet marketing and online advertising efforts are typically used in conjunction with traditional types of advertising like radio, television, newspapers and magazines.
Facebook is one such social networking site which has changed radically and brought many new changes in its which makes it stand out and being the most popular site where every minute a new person sign’s up and becomes a part of it.
“M”- the New Digital Assistant
Facebook has always showed up competitive spirit and Mark Zuckerberg has brought many new changes in it like the “facebook calling” etc. But now it has come with another thing that is that the social network is experimenting with a service withinMessenger that it believes will make better recommendations than its rivals. Facebook wants to be your digital assistant. The social network announced that it is testing a Siri-like personal assistant called “M”. “M” will even complete tasks for people.
Siri” being the most popular advancement in apple phones and i-pads now has a competitor. Like Siri, M will be able to give recommendations about the best places to dine in a city or help people pick a gift for a friend, but “M” will also be able to complete tasks such as making a restaurant reservation or having the gift delivered. Being a blend of various artificial intelligence similar to that which power’s Apples’s “siri”, Google’s “google now” and Microsoft’s “cortona”, Facebook believes that it would stand out amongst their rivals.
A test is being carried out for a few hundred users in the Bay Area and will eventually be rolled out for all Messenger users. For human input, the company has a team of “M” trainers sitting with Facebook engineers to help make sure user queries are answered appropriately.


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