Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Protect Your Website with Future Penalties

It is very important now days to protect your website with Google Penalties. If you follow the terms and conditions, algorithms of Google then your website is safe in their nature but if you go for any vulnerable activities then it will take no any time to reach Google penalization message to your website in Google Webmaster Account.

Review following points to avoid penalties:

1Watch your Back   Links: You are doing so many SEO activities for your website to create quality back links for website but sometime irrelevant back links created by you unknowingly by choosing irrelevant websites of blogs, forums, comments, directory or bookmarking. Rarest of the rare case it will happen that your competitors buy some bad links for you or submit your websites in spam websites. So, the final outcome is that check your back links by week by week and monitor all your back links by downloading it from your webmaster account.

   2. Be Aware in Submission: Always keep yourself aware before submitting a link on web. Your single click will change the behavior of website. So, be conscious before submitting a single link on web. Review your all data carefully specially your category and then submit your website links on web.

    3 .  Try to Use always Quality Websites: Now day’s quantity does not matter for your website ranking. Now it needs that how much quality in your work. So, always try to use Quality websites for your submission. Quality websites means the website which has good Page Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Time to Time Cache, number of websites and users, etc.

    4 . Always Aware with Your Strategies: Prepare a detailed plan before working on the website. Keep aware your team members with this. If your team member is working on any website then do not feel shy and keep tracking all activities on website. Exclude following points from your strategies. This will harm your website and penalize too.

      ·         Low Quality Article, Directory, Bookmarking, Social Media Sites.
      ·         Back Links from Spam Blog Commenting.
      ·         Forum Signatures
      ·         Link from Banned IPs
      ·         Paid Links
      ·         Links for malware websites
      ·         Links from Irrelevant websites
      ·         Links from irrelevant language websites
      ·         Links from Content scrapper websites

    5. Keep Away from Link Exchange: Do not go in hurry in link exchange. Do not distribute links to your partners from your website. This is spam in nature of search engine. So, go far away from this spam technique.

    6.  Generate only Fresh and Informative Content: Google hates duplicate content. So, never try to use duplicate content. Check on a regular interval of time your content by the tool Make sure always that your content is fresh, informative and with the right amount of keywords.

    7.  Choose Right Service Provider: Do not go in hurry with service provider. Do not go to that service provider which has a number of hosting websites. Go always to that service provider who assures you from tight security, Malware attacks, Down Side websites, etc. 

     So, I recommend you all that check your webmaster tools time to time and keep your website fresh.


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