Thursday, 23 January 2014

How to Do SEO in Current Scenario?

Google has changed itself very much. It is not so much difficult to look at first on Google updates like Panda, Penguine and Hummingbird update. After deep analysis and reading we found that Panda teaches us to become a good writer and researchers, Penguine teaches us that how to create quality back links for website and Hummingbird update teaches us how to use conversational query in your content.

All updates teach us now to forget all old techniques and become a quality SEO. Now you have to always build quality contents than your competitors to reach on top Google search results. 

Now keywords research has become most important terms in SEO. It has become very important that which types of keyword you choose for website. Choose long tail keywords first. Do not go for short keywords phrases. Use long tail keywords for your website and build quality back links then.

Doing On Page optimization in better way is now very important. You have to now focus on all on page terms. In past people usually update meta tags and forget all other points but now scenario is very much changed and you have to focus on all on page terms like Meta Tags, Sitemaps, H1, H2, Bold, ALT Tags, Internal linking to website, etc. You have to now do on page optimization with a hard effort and in proper way.

After that off page optimizationcomes. Now build back links with quality websites. Do not go for low quality back links. This will harm your website and if you continuously build these types of back links then Google will penalize your website in coming days. Always check your back links with Google Webmaster tools and check always your back links that whether it is of quality or not.

Engage yourself too much now on social media. Social presence has become Vitol now in SEO. Produce quality back links to your followers and get engage yourself with your followers. Search what types of post your followers want and produce time to time quality post in between your followers. Use relevant community and help your visitors to learn lot with your post.

So, finally I want to tell you that use your brain now and do SEO with your brain.


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