Thursday, 20 March 2014

SEO Writers Must Know About Hummingbird Update and Need to Perform Accordingly

You might be seeking to know about Google’s latest Hummingbird updates and why it is important for quality prospects. Well, you are in the right place to explore everything about the latest updates and will be able to make your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies accordingly. Aiming to offer quick and accurate results, the latest update tends to affect 90% of the search results and enables you to get exactly the same what you are looking for. It of course serves its purpose in the best effective manner and is fully capable of catering to the requirements of today’s search demands.

The update came into existence after observing changing nature of users to offer them comfort to get the best results. It is mainly concerned about offering you a great experience such as various updates and changes in better mobile search experience, conversational, cross-platform search, updates to knowledge graph.


The new update also has a major impact on SEO writing; it in fact clearly emphasizes on high quality and informative content to promote any brand and services. Writing skills is something that one can’t do without marketing their products and services online. Considering the latest changes introduced from Google, those who write content and publish it online felt little bit distress. As the recent updates focusing only on better quality content while focusing less on keywords. So, one must be fully aware of this thing and implement the same in an effective manner to get positive outcomes.

Here are several important things that need to be taken into account to deliver accurate and top-quality content to maximize the benefits.  

Emphasize on frequent writing – The fact can’t be denied that writing articles is never meant to be compromised with the quality. You should think more to generate unique and effective ideas, and perform accordingly.  The Hummingbird algorithm lets people create something unique and interesting to read. The more you will do the better quality you will deliver. The fact can’t be denied that practice makes a man perfect. So, you need to make a continuous effort to provide different and interesting content.    

Encourage writers to write on intent – The latest update also serves another most important purpose to appreciate writer’s ability. They are now in fact deserve to be rewarded for their capability of writing original intent of any content in interesting way to catch attention of readers. When writing anything for online publication they need to choose the most effective way of presentation so the information can be disseminated in a proper way. The new update prompts writer to forget everything about the traditional way of writing as they will make only futile attempt to get the right results, and follow everything described by the new update.

They need to focus only on quality of the content what actually they are going to create to publish online. This is certainly the most important update especially for those who write content and seeking to improve quality, which was not possible earlier to higher uses of keywords. Now they have to promote only unique and attractive ideas.  

Focused on users instead of algorithm - As mentioned above, the new update is completely focused on user’s convenience rather than keywords, algorithm, etc.  It truly advocates the needs of the readers in terms of what they are seeking to find not search engines. It fully encourages writers to show their exceptional talent by delivering quality based content and get more appreciative words by others. In other words, writers have now simply a great liberty to do whatever they are interested for and expand their horizon as much as they can do.


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