Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How to Measure any Website in 10 Minutes according to SEO Points of View?

Most of the SEO professionals challenges that they are the most professional SEO guy and they will do any types of work in SEO. But when it comes a matter of website analysis in few times they see here and there and searching too many tools.

To become a most eligible SEO professional you must be able to analyze any websites by one eye catch. You can develop your professional skills of checking website without any expensive tools by following this blog. You can easily know all points by following step by step points below:

     1.       Check Domain Authority: Domain authority is a number or score which is assigned to your website out of 100. The higher in number more your website authoritative and less in number less your domain value. A site which has good domain authority comes search in less time. Domain authority totally depends on your domain age, SEO of website, Quality back links and responsive designs and contents. You can easily check by using “Open Site Explorer”  tool.

     2.       Check your site load time: Website loading time is a key factor in coming good search results. Google runs that website on top which has a good load time. If your website has too much load time then your all SEO goes in vain. You can check easily your website load time with this tool “Pingdom”. Type your website uRL and click on “Test now”.

      3.       Check your website sitemaps: Sitemap denotes that your website is well structured and SEO friendly. If you are the owner of your website then you have all knowledge that whether your website has sitemap or not? If you have no any knowledge about this then please go for a Google search and type your website url like sitemap.xml If your website has no any sitemap then you can easily create sitemaps for your website by using this tool “”. No sitemap means poorer SEO.

     4.       Check Robots. Txt File: A site with good SEO must have a robots file with less disaalow links. You can easily check your website robots file by typing “your domain name/robots.txt”.

     5.       Check your Meta Content: Meta gives a special value to your website in front of search engine.  You can easily check Meta Value of your website by going to resource page of website and find “Title” and “Description”. You do not need to check for keywords coz Google does not consider keyword section for ranking factor. Meta Tags are very important for SEO.

     6.       Check for H-Tags: A good SEO website has normally one H1 tags and ideally H2, H3, H4 tags. You can easily check this in your website by viewing resource page of website and find h1, h2, h3 and h4.

    7.       Onsite Content: Check your website content. A well structured and quality content helps website to rank well. Check also keywords optimization in web page content. Don’t stuff your keywords in content. This will too harm your website. Always use proper and informative content on web pages.

     8.       Check Blog Section: Check your website blog. Blog must be placed on website and regular updated. Always update your blog section. This will help your website in ranking and proper caching.

    9.       Check Webmaster Account of website: A webmaster account of website helps you in proper checking of website health. You can check there everything of website crawl errors, any messages, sitemaps, duplicate titles, descriptions, etc.

   10.   Check Online Presence: Check website online presence. A good website has a good amount of followers or subscribers which will help in online branding. In today era most of the people uses social media for researching many things and if your website is poor in this section then there will be no any benefit of doing SEO. So, make your online presence and post quality words and images there.

With the help of these steps you can check any website and score any website.


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