Friday, 18 April 2014

How to use Google Webmaster Account to Increase Traffic?

Google Webmaster Tools is very essential and important tool for any website measurement. This is the tool by which we get notified by Google regarding any issues in website. We cannot ignore this tool’s messages. With the help of Google Webmaster we can easily setup some important features which help us in generating good traffic on website/Blog. This post is all about webmaster and increase traffic.

     1.       Add a Sitemap: A sitemap is a collection of all pages of website. It is like an index of book. This shows a structural representation of web pages. You can easily add a sitemap to your webmaster account. For this you will have to open webmaster account and then go for crawl and then sitemaps.

Google Webmaster Account->Crawl->Sitemaps


    2.      Optimize Posts: Google displays traffic on your website using which keywords traffic came. In the search traffic section you can find search queries and here you will see that on which keywords traffic came and at what position this keyword is. Following are some ways by which you can optimize your post:

     a.       Linking from another post to relevant keywords.
     b.      Title of the web page/blog must be informative and most searchable.
     c.       Use link building with quality websites.


     3.       Sitelinks: When Google likes your website then automatically it adds several important pages under your website in search results. These sitelinks are automatically created but using sitelinks in webmaster account you have some control over web pages. Like if you do not want any web page for sitelinks then you can demote that page using sitelinks features of google webmaster account. You can demote up to 100 different links.


   4.       Resolve HTML Errors: HTML Improvements in webmaster account shows Duplicate Title, Description, Missing Titles, Descriptions of web pages. You can easily check by following search appearance->HTML Improvements in webmaster account.


     5.       Resolve Server Errors:  It will not go to benefit you if there are multiple serve erros in website. You will have to check regularly and fix this error as early as possible. By going crawl->crawl errors you can check this type of error.


     6.       Set Geographical Targetting: You can inform Google that in which area you want to target your audience by setting geographical area in webmaster account. For this you will have to go for setting and set areas there.


     7.       Remove Bad Links: Always check your links back to site. If you find any suspicious or un-natural links to your site then make it disavow using google webmaster account.

    Google provides lots of valuable information in Google Webmaster Account. You will have to monitor all areas regularly and take action accordingly.


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