Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Google Manual Actions/Penalty-A Depth Analysis

First of all I want to make you all clear about Google Manual Actions. Google Manual Actions is very much different from Google Algorithmic Penalty. Google watches our all activities on web and if the search engine found a single link as a bad link or low quality link, warns webmaster by sending a message to their webmaster account.

To know about your webmaster account that do I have a manual penalty message click below?

Step 1:

Simply Login to your webmaster tools account.

Step 2:

On the webmaster tools Dashboard click on search traffic.

Step 3:

Click Manual Actions

Step 4:

Review manual actions which are listed in webmaster manual actions section. Be sure that your website has no any bad links then submit a review or reconsideration request to Google.

Which Links are Called Unnatural Links Look below:

1.  Which Links are Called Bad Links: When we are getting back links from irrelevant websites, low quality websites, other languages websites, paid links, low quality directories, PR, Articles, Bookmarking, Forums, Spam Commenting, reciprocal links, 3-way linking, etc.

2.  Effect on Website: When you receive warning message from Google then there is a huge chances that your traffic must have fallen down from top and day by day you will see a big fall in traffic.  Google Warning message of penalization is the single message which no one webmaster to see in his whole career.

3. Solution to get rid of: There is no any quick solution to get rid from this giant message. You simply have to download all back links from Google Webmaster Tools and clean up bad links(irrelevant websites, low quality directory, bookmarking, article, PR, forums, commenting, paid links, reciprocal, 3-way linking’s).

Then after you have to contact to all website webmasters to remove the link. Follow them on every two-three days and sent them reminder on a fixed interval of time. Wait for two weeks. If they will remove links within two weeks from the date of first request e-mail then good otherwise disavow all bad links through the disavow tool. You have to send a detailed plan sheet to Google. This all will take 30-45 days and hope Google will start their work on next 15-20 days.

Caution: Do not disavow all links at one time. You have to spend a good time for selecting in bad links and then you have to submit links for disavow. If you are using a SEO service provider for this then make sure to tell him to confirm before disavow links.


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