Thursday, 19 December 2013

How to Optimize Your Blog for SEO-A Simple Guide

Doing SEO is not a standalone practice now days.  It is really a big challenge now days to keep away social media and Content marketing. SEO will success then when we work for all terms like content marketing, SEO and SMO.  Inbound Marketing is totally depends on these three factors and with the help of these factors we can increase our search engine visibility as well as traffics and revenues.

For blog optimization you have to start first from keywords research and optimization. With the help of top quality selection of keywords you can improve the progress of your blog posts.  After that try always to post informative post which attracts users and give you a good fan following. Content Marketing is very essential to improve your profile and blog on web.

For Guaranteed SEO, you will have to now totally dependent on top quality back links and informative and unique content marketing.

Here I am going to describe super, simple step by step guide to optimize your blog posts and gain quality traffics:

1.    Keywords Research: Effective online marketing starts with keywords research.  With the help of right keywords selection you can target your right audience. First of all decide that what your target marketing area is then start choosing your keywords selection for that area which pleases your customers.

2.    Focus on Low Competition and Long Tail Keywords: Do not waste your time by choosing high competitive keywords for your blog. Because they will not help you in boost your blogs. Now the main question is how you know that keywords phrase has low competition. Simple type your keywords on Google with “ ” (Double Inverted Quotes) and you can easily see a numerical message on screen. As less that is good for your blogs. If the number is large, avoid those keywords to choose. 

3.    Use your key phrases in your Title.

4.    Repeat your key phrases in your article content.

5.    Find Relevant Images:  Always try to use relevant images to your blog posts. If your image is not much more attractive then your total contents will waste. Use Alt Tags with your images. So, with the help of alt tags your images will be crawled by search engine.

6.    Meta Tags Details: Use quality Meta titles, keywords and descriptions as per your services and with the help of your key phrases. Your title tags will define that how much popular your blog post is going to be.

7.    Create SEO friendly Links and Anchor Text: When search engine spider crawls your blog, they will not put whole posts at a time. They will not read every word. They will keep copy of your Titles, Short Descriptions, Alt Text of Images, and Anchor Text.

8.    Using Tags: When you are going to post tags on your blog posts, be always sure to put that words as tags of blog posts that has used for your blog posts. Most people use keywords phrases in tags which are not good. Put special words from your blog posts into tags line.

9.    Reference Others with Links: If you are using others links with your blog post then this is not only the great blogging technique but there is a chance to receive a link back from that blogger. This will help you and your audience too, since you have not posted a single content.

10.    Use RSS and Subscribe Options: Give your audience a chance to follow and subscribe your blogs. If your blog posts will be attractive, informative then you will sure get a good number of followers and subscribers.

11.    Use Social Media: Social Media is a big platform to reach at maximum number of users. With the help of social media you can target more and more visitors even they are not in your list. Social sharing is a great tool to maximize your posts on web with a single click.Don't miss to reply your audience. This will increase your online presence.

With the help of these useful guidelines you can make your blog more attractive and enlarge your number of audience.

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