Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Closer Guide to Reach at Top Page in Search Results

Most of the guy now believes that SEO is dead and there is no any scope of SEO now days. I assure you that they are thinking wrong and they do not want to update themselves what this industry wants. SEO is never ending industry and A professional SEO has a good demand at everywhere. I realize that SEO has changed lot and now need to work well and most important keep updated yourself regularly.


With the help of this blog content I am sharing my ideas about what is the best way to reach at top page in search results. There are multiple tricks to make success any campaign. You will have to use every technique very wisely. Find below some useful techniques:

     1.       Keywords Research: Before start campaign make sure yourself that the keyword which you are going to use for optimization and link building for website is really genuine and will help in generating leads and traffics? Do proper keywords research for website which will generate leads from website? To attract customers and get a huge traffic on website never works. It will work then when you get leads from website.

Most of the guys use most competitive keywords and start targeting website on web which is really a sign of foolishness. Use only those keywords for website which have a good search on web. Optimize your website as per search engine guidelines but use keywords as per user’s choice. If you have a user choice keyword then you will sure get leads from website.

    2.       Fix On Site Errors: Due to poor on site optimization most of the website do not get rank in search engine. You will have to proper optimize your website with every aspects like Meta Tags, Anchors, Head Tags, Alt Tags and many more. I am not going to describe all in this content. You can easily search on web for all on page SEO.

    3.       Anchor Texts Balance: There are several reasons to penalize a website. An imbalanced anchor text is one of them. Always use a variety in anchor texts and try to use your brand name more in your anchor texts. Use a variation in your link building like Social Bookmarking, Web 2.0, Blog Comments, etc. Use anchor texts as looks natural. Improper and unusual anchor texts will ruin your online presence and get penalized.

    4.       Quality Links Building: Most of the SEO search websites and do submission, which is not good. You will have to always check website IP(using C Class Checker). Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Ranks, etc. Work less but work for quality not for quantity. Suggest your clients about all current scenario of SEO and sure they will help you in your campaign and with the help of these basic facts you can easily create quality links for your website.

    5.       Social Media Presence: It is not quite enough to rank website without using social media websites in your activities. Social signals represent your popularity and the number of audience listens you. Engage your audience by producing quality contents and useful informations on social media websites. Use all social media profiles, engage your customers, build a great relationships with your audience. This works lot.

I hope you would sure enjoy this post.


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