Thursday, 10 December 2015

PPC Mistakes That You Should Avoid at Any Cost

If you are wondering why your PPC campaign has not given you the results you had expected, the chances are that you may be going wrong somewhere. Even professional services that you come across via an online search using the phrase “PPC Company India,” do make such mistakes that can prove to be quite scary. Whether you are a PPC company India or an individual trying to start your own Pay-Per-Click campaign, knowing where you are going wrong will help you avoid these mistakes and focus on what you actually need to do to make your AdWords Account worthwhile. The 5 major mistakes that you should steer clear from include:

1. Overspending: There is a budget that you may have in mind when it comes to BBC. It is very important to stick to this limit when it comes to running a PPC campaign. In case you are going beyond the budget your client has set for his PPC campaign, check these things out:
·         Did anything positive come out of the extra money that you spent? If yes, it may not be bad. Emphasize on the value that this extra spend has brought about when you are talking to your client.
·         Will this overspending in any way reduce the amount that you may have to spend in the next month or over the following few months?  If yes, it may not matter much in the long term.

If you have answered with a ‘No’ for both the above questions, you might have messed it all up.

2. Setting Bids that are absolutely wrong:  Even though you might be well within the limits of your budget, you may still be wasting your client’s money if you have set bids that are too high. This might even be a mistake that you have overseen especially when you have changed over to another language. Most of the times, such actions will even change the decimal separator to a comma which can be quite scary. If language setting is not the reason for your wrong bid, it could even be possible that you have gone for one of the ad group bids of the shopping campaigns. Such bids work in a totally different way which can make your conversions really expensive.

3. Not checking the excluded field for “Everything Else” product group: Whenever you try to subdivide a standard All-Products group within a Shopping ad group, there is an “everything-else” product group that is automatically created. This group will help you set bids for all those products that are not included in any of the other groups. This works well if you are doing a single campaign using a single ad group. However, if you have multiple ad groups, you will have to check the ‘Excluded field for Everything-else Product Group.’ If you do not do this Google will make use of the group that contains the highest bid. One more thing you need to remember is to manually uncheck it every time you edit your bids else it might get activated again, without your knowledge.

4. Selecting the ‘Target and Bid’ option on RLSA: There are two kinds of settings under RLSA or the Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. One is the target and bid option and the other is the Bid only option. Choosing the Target and bid option over the Bid only option will make you cut off all the new traffic to your PPC campaign.

5. Not Following Up on the Recent Changes: Whenever you make any kind of important changes to your account, make sure you schedule a follow-up check as soon as possible. Not doing so might create damages that might prove quite scary.

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