Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Closer Look to Rich Snippets in SEO and What is Benefit of Using this?

After dismissal of Meta Keywords through Meta Tags by Google, they have launched a new technique to engage users to website and increase your Click Through Rates(CTR).  And the new technique in SEO offered by Google is "Rich Snippets". So, now question is what is "Rich Snippets"?

What is Rich Snippets in SEO?

Rich Snippets are micro data(HTML coded) which has an additional information about your website which helps search engine to display exact results related to search query. Google always prefers a great user experience through search results and for the same they have introduced this great tool to take a great attention to your website from search engines as well as users. Rich Snippets are designed to summarize your web page in an easy way that user won't have any problem in understanding your page. This helps Google to provide an additional information about your web pages. This will help you in engaging your audience to your website.

What is the benefit?

When a user enter their search query in Google then various websites appear into search results. Most of the website appears with authorship images, ratings about website, reviews about website, near by locations, etc. This is the additional information about your website. What appears in search results with your Meta Titles and Descriptions is known as Rich Snippets. This shows your value, trust and most efficient in front of users and when user will see number of good reviews, ratings and trustful images then automatically they will choose your website among various of website listed into search results and must take your services/products. See below image.

Search results with more ratings, images, +1 gives more sense and trust to your user and you will then automatically get a good CTR with your website. A good use of Rich Snippets will help you in following ways:

  • Higher rankings in search results
  • Better click through rates from search results
  • More qualified traffic and better conversion rates 
What displays in search result just under the Meta Title is your meta descriptions of web pages. Meta Descriptions are sometimes also known as normal snippets. Now what is under your normal snippets with some addition information about website is called Rich Snippets.

A company which delivers always a quality content to web, there is a great way to markup their content and increase their author rank. Google provides author rank to all authors as per their quality and informative content. So, don't be in hurry, be calm and use rich snippets and mark up your content for a great online presence.

Friday, 23 May 2014

How to Optimize Your Blogs and Get Visitors with Blogs?

Blogging is really one of the great activity to engage your customers and helps them by posting informative and quality posts using images, info-graphics, videos. To engage your audience it is very important to update your blog time to time. Always try to write on those topics which are most searchable or most trendy. When you avail a unique and informative post to your audience then you will automatically receive likes, shares and comments from them.

It is very necessary that your blog should be properly optimized to take attention of top search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. Apart of informative blog post your blog must have an eye-catchy design, a well sidebars, a good blogrolls, social media sections. This will help you in drive a good amount of traffics to your blog. Below are some ways to drive organic traffics with Blog:

1. Internal Linking: An internal linking is a hyperlink which interacts with your inner pages or other blogs post. If you are writing any blog post and there comes a word on which you have written blog post earlier then must try to make interlinking/hyperlink to that specific word. This will help your user to know more about that specific word and you will then automatically get a new visit to your old blog post.

2. Side Bars: Sidebars are really a great way to quick interact with your old posts. You will have to choose most popular words and make hyperlink on that word. Place popular blog post, new blog post, popular titles, most searchable posts in your sidebars for quick interaction. This will increase your blog popularity and you will get all time new visitors to your blog.

3. Use Anchor Text Wisely: Anchor text is quickly clickable text in your blog content. So, try to use anchor text wisely in your blog post. A well hyper-linked text tells a great way of your blogging and make you a good blogger in front of others.Don't try to make lot of hyperlinking into your blog post. This will ruin your hard effort and you will loose audience then. So, must try to use anchor text wisely in your blog post.

4. Optimize Images: As we all know that Google won't read images directly. They know images by their ALT Tags. So, when you are going to use images in your blog post, must use ALT tags and give a proper name to your image. A good image name works lot in search results and you will go automatically in good search results.

5. Use Long Tail Keywords: Always try to use long tail keywords for your blog post. A long tail key phrases helps you lot in receive visits and attracts your audience. Most people use five to seven words key phrases for a specific search  or detailed overview. If your blog content has long tail keywords then you will get a good search results and take organic visits to your blog.

So, overall a good way of blogging is really very helpful way to drive traffics and engage audience, Follow all techniques for your blog post and receive good amount of traffics to your blog.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Big Question: How to Improve Your Website Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a big metrics to identify your website importance. This is a tool developed by Moz to measure any website importance. It plays a great role to receive attention of users as well as search engines. As high your domain authority maximum chances to get traffic and higher ranking in search results.

It is a big question in all SEO’s mind that how to improve domain authority? Is this really a big question? I think NO. With the help of your little effort you can do it easily. No matter, I will help you in this work. I will guide you through this blog post that how you can achieve good domain authority. At this time some websites are on Internet which has domain authority of 100 like if you will check facebook.com, twitter.com, Wikipedia.org, adobe.com, google.com, etc. You need not to worry. Be calm and patient, you will sure achieve the maximum number (100) one day. You will have to do some action for the same.

Domain authority depends on lots of factors. Most of the important is from how many websites you are getting back links and how often important and authorities those links are? You need to check all links manually and list up all bad links in a separate text file (Notepad). Most authorized back links you have maximum chances to improve your domain authority.

Below are some points which will also help you in increase domain authority:

Check Website with Technical SEO: First check that your website is free from all SEO errors or not? To get a good domain authority it is very necessary to get rid of all SEO errors like robots, site structure, navigation, URL structures, sitemaps, Meta tags, etc. You will have to check every section of website with all SEO factors and fix all possible errors from website.

Publish Quality Contents: You will have to add a blog/news section on website and will have to update blogs/news on every 1-2 days with a high quality and informative contents which will engage customers. The second option is that post a high quality web page content which has all information what a user wants into any website. This will help search engines as well as users to interact with your website. Always post contents with number of interlinings. Interlinings helps search engines to crawl all pages and users to gain more information related to that keyword. Use only authentic internal linking not a fake.

Remove Toxic Links: Always check webmaster tools account of website and identify good and bad links of website. Remove toxic links as early as possible.

Great Social Media Presence: When you post something on social media websites then on that time you have one thing in mind that multiple users did like, comment and re-share your post. How this will happen if you will not post in a great way. So, learn some basic and necessary tips before posting on social media. When you leave your website URL into social media websites then there become a numerous of chances to attract customers to website. If you get success in this sure your website will have a good amount of traffic in shortest period of time and your domain authority will improve.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Check Your Website Whether Hit by Google or Something Else?

When someone got a big drop in traffic of website, they think that website is hit by Google but according to me this is not true. There can be several issues of dropping traffic on website. Really Google Hit is one of them but this is not all around in dropping traffic. In this post I will let you update with all factors of dropping traffic to website.

Has Your Website really been Hit by Google?

If you think website been hit by any update of Google then first go through analytic account of website, Check traffic details of website. You can check month by month traffic to website. Note all your traffic details month by month. There you can see the date of traffic drop. After that check Google Algorithmic update history. Moz offers Google Algorithmic update History Page by which you can review all algorithmic update of Google. Now check again your traffic drop date and search again in moz algorithmic update page that on that day what update has done by Google? Now you have a clear understanding about the damage. Now search what to take action to repair damage of website and do accordingly.

Additionally if you have suspect about spammy links to website or any notification from Google then must check Google Webmaster account of website. With the help of Google Webmaster account of website you can track each activities of website in a clear way. Actually Google webmaster account displays same data what Google actually reads about your website. Check message section first to your webmaster account and see that any message from Google team is available there or not? If yes then review once and take immediate action accordingly. To check spammy links to website must check “Links to Your Site” section of webmaster account and download all back links to your website. You will have to check one by one each link manually and list up all spam links for Google disavow.

Some Other reasons to drop traffic:

Misusing Robots File: Robots file always play a key role in your website and pages caching, crawling and indexing. Sometimes most of the guys have not well known understanding about robots file and they do some major mistake in robots file. And the result directly reflects to website and website goes in trouble in caching, crawling and indexing by search engines. Use always robots.txt file on server with a better understanding coz a little mistake in robots file will destroy your website. Always first check links, pages or folders before make it disallow in robots.txt file.

301 Redirection: Don’t miss your website to go for 301 redirection. With WWW and without WWW both have different aspects and different ways to displaying results in search engines. Google considers both as a separate website and displays separately. By this your whole website goes duplicate with contents and links. So, must use proper 301 redirection code to website to move permanently.

SEO as ongoing campaign: I have seen most of the guy invest one time investment with website SEO. This is a big drawback in dropping traffic too on website. SEO is long lasting process and always ongoing investment. You will have to invest regularly for your website SEO and sure day by day you will get improvement in traffic not decrease in traffic. So, choice is in your hand. I must suggest you to please go with ongoing investment. Don’t stop.

So, now my conclusion is that not always blame algorithmic update and misguide your client. Go through the real issue with website and must fix accordingly.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Google Webmaster Guidelines for Fresher’s and Experts

Google Webmaster Tool is very essential and great tool provided by Google to manage your website and activities. In my last post I had updated with basic summary about webmaster uses in maximizing seo campaign. In this post I will let you update with every tools of webmaster account.

Site Dashboard: In dashboard you can find all activities of website at a single place. Like if your website has any new messages, crawl errors, queries, impressions, clicks, sitemaps, etc. All at one place in dashboard.

Site Messages: In site message you will find all messages related to your website. Like if you have linked up Google Analytic property to your website, any UN-natural links messages to your website, geographical setting messages, etc.

Search Appearance:

    a.       Structured Data: This gives you a list of each type of structured data found on website. Like number of URLs on website that contains such types of data, total number of that type of data items, errors of data types.

   b.      Data Highlighter: This tool teaches Google about the pattern of your structured data on website. If you use Data Highlighter for website then Google displays your website in new ways in search results. This tool can only access those pages of website which has recently crawled by Google.

   c.       HTML Improvements: This tool displays HTML errors of website like Duplicate Titles, Descriptions, Short Titles, Descriptions, Non Indexable contents. This will not affect your website crawling, caching and indexing but essential to fix these errors in earliest time.
d.      Sitelinks: Sitelinks are those pages of your website which Google considers useful pages and a good weightage page in website. At the moment this is automatically created and displays with your website in search results.

Search Traffic:

   a.       Search Queries: Search queries displays the returned pages of your website with a given query. This shows a graph along with query, impressions, clicks, CTR and average positions.

   b.      Links to Your Site: This shows the links that Googlebot discovered during crawling and indexing of website. It also displays the most linked pages of your website.

   c.       Internal Links: This displays web pages with most of internal linking.

   d.      Manual Links:  This displays a manual action needed for website. It comes then when Google found any spammy activities for your website. When you will have to do manual action then you will get automatically a message from Google team in your site messages tool in webmaster account.

Google Index:

   a.       Index Status: This tool displays stats about indexing of your website by Google. Check your index status and if found any problem then must check your website manually.

   b.      Content Keywords: This tool displays most significant keywords linking with website. Check all your linked keywords and if found any un-natural keywords then must take action immediate.

   c.       Remove URLs: If you want to urgently remove any web URL from search results then use this tool to remove permanently from search results. Use this tool very carefully coz this will not delete your pages from webmaster but also from the search results of Google.


   a.       Crawl errors: This tool displays those web pages of website which is not properly crawled by Google. It means that Googlebot has faced problem in crawling this page.

   b.      Crawl Stats: This tool provides you information about Googlebot activities on your website.

   c.       Fetch as Google: This tool uses then when you find that Google doesn’t crawl your website properly like if you have added something in website and need to crawl immediate then you can fetch that web page or full website as fetch as Google.

   d.      Blocked URLs: This tool displays those lists of pages which Google has not crawled due to restrictions of using robots.txt.

   e.      Sitemaps: This tells Google about your website. This contains XML sitemap and tells Google all about your website and web pages.

f.        URL Parameters: Googles gives you this tool to handle duplicate URLs and contents. When your website has duplicate URls then Google takes all in cluster and analyze well to display which URls in search results. With this tool you can tell all about your duplicate URLs to Google.

Security Issues: This tool displays a security error about your website when your website is malware attacked. This gives a way to prevent website from malware issue and request reconsideration.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Uses Google Webmaster Tools to Enhance Your SEO Campaign

Google provides a lot of SEO tools to SEO guys. The most friendly tool to enhance your SEO campaign is Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tool. You can see all insights view of your traffic, sources, referrals using Google Analytic account of website and now you can do some extra by using Google Webmaster account of website. Google Webmaster account provides advanced analysis of your website.

If you have not yet setup Google Webmaster account for your website then nothing to worry about that. You can set up with an ease by signing up with your Google Account. You will have to verify your domain by some methods provided by Google. It is just to confirm that you are the real admin of your website and now using webmaster account for same domain name. You can verify by your Hosting names, Meta Tags to upload, a verification code to upload on server or through your analytic account.

Google Webmaster tool is a strong concept for a better SEO campaign. This shows as same how Google sees your website? You can find every terms of website by using Google Webmaster account. You can check from where your web page is linked, which links have break down, which domains linked your website, how much impression you are getting, how many clicks your website have, etc? A complete site structure is available in your Google Webmaster account.

In next post I will let you update with every terms of webmaster in details. Keep watching my blog and use in your practical SEO campaign.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Check Your Website before Making Live: A Normal Checklist

To live a website is really a very sincere job coz when your website will be live on web then must your website should free from all errors. If you cannot do the same then you could not take advantages of search engines as well as users. Most of the team does not understand that from where they should start in checking website. I have listed some common errors of website which must be fixed before go live.


      1.       Grammar and Punctuations: Before go live make sure that your web page content and other info has a good grammar and used punctuations. This is a common mistake what most of the guy do. Make sure you have a good grammar contents on website.

     2.       Site Speed: Check your website speed. You can check it by various tools on web. Your website loading speed must be good. A quick loaded website has a great importance to search engine and search engine prefers those website as a good website and easily come in good search results.

     3.       Browser Compatibility: Check your browser compatibity. Make sure your website runs with a good version on all of browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer, etc.

     4.       Check Website Fonts and Images: Choose an eye-catchy font and images for your website. A font size must be standard which should be read by everyone easily. Choose a good image to present your services or products. An image tells lots of contents in a well manner. So, choose a good image for your website.

     5.       LOGO and Favicon: Check your website LOGO and favicon. This represents a good quality about your website. Logos and favicons must be of well designed manner which helps others to understand.

     6.       W3C Validation: Check your website validation with W3C validator. This will tell validation errors of website.

     7.       301 Redirection: A well optimized website has a 301 redirection. If your website opens with WWW and without WWW then search engine will consider this as a duplicate website. So, use a proper 301 redirection code to your website and free your website with this error.

     8.       404 Error Page: A good website has a 404 error page too. If someone misspelt your web page URL or there is some typoproblem then your website tells them that the specified URL is not correct and this web page is not found. So, there must be a 404 error page on website.

     9.       Meta Tags: A Meta tag plays a great role in search engine visibility. This tells search engine that for what purpose the specific web page is. This is an introduction about particular web page to search engine. So, use Google algorithm guided Meta tags on your web pages.

     10.   Sitemaps: Sitemap denotes a well structured website and tells search engine that how come web pages are structured in website. An XML sitemap is used for Google and an HTML sitemap is used for User.

     11.   Social Media Integration: A good website has social media icons on website. This tells others how popular website is on social media.

These are some common errors what others do before making website live. So, must follow these terms before make your website live.