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The Benefits of Using Content and SEO Analysis Tools


Why is a Content and SEO Analysis Tool required?
It is necessary to measure different aspects of the text and analyze the content for optimum results. There are tools, which can measure several aspects of the text even when you are writing. This can be done even in real time so that receiving feedback is possible while the process of writing is going on. Content writers can use these tools and avail great assistance for developing better SEO content. The features of Content and SEO analysis tool are discussed below so that a good content developer may be benefited from it.
Using Content and SEO Analysis Tools for better Internet Marketing
Content is very important for any website. It has to be directional, focused, SEO oriented and right in many ways. To measure whether the Content is right or not, there are certain tools, which can measure the compatibility of the content in terms of SEO. These tools not only help you in measuring, but also to perform better. Even search engines like Google make use of such tools to identify, index and analyze various sites and their content.
The Features
# Content Analysis Tab
This is one of the two tabs in the Content and SEO analysis tools. It can do six readability checks, which are:
1.     Length of the sentence
2.     Length of the paragraph
3.     Subheadings presence and distribution
4.     Passive voice presence
5.     Transition words presence
6.     Ease of reading
If the text is readable, if it is good enough- then it will be shown with a green bullet.
# SEO Analysis Tab
SEO Tab is the second tab of the tool. It contains the snippet editor, where the focus keyword and SEO checks can be entered for analysis. A Meta description can be formulated with the help of the snippet editor. This Meta Description should contain short description representing the main topic of the page. Keeping the Meta Description suitable to the search engines is very important. It should contain the probable search terms that people may use to search on the engines. Google picks such Meta descriptions and shows below the URL of your site when users search using the search terms.
This works in this way- the SEO Analysis tab checks for the availability of the focus or primary keyword in the TITLE of the page, in the HEADING, in the URL, inside the CONTENT of the article, in the META DESCRIPTION, in the ALT TAG of all the images. The SEO Analysis also keeps checking the links and images inserted in the article. Total number of words and the usage of the focus/primary keyword in the article are also checked by the plugin. There are also other options like checking the usage of a particular focus keyword on other pages of your website. This is indeed a good step to prevent using excess of primary keywords on secondary pages of your website. When a writer starts following the tips mentioned above and utilizes those to create SEO-friendly text, then the tool signifies the same with an approving green bullet.
Content vs. SEO
One significant aspect of this Content and SEO Analysis tool is that it always gives first priority to the Content part! It means, it is a writer’s best friend for writing an excellent article. This helps a content writer to develop, structure and create a highly readable and likeable text. First, the readability question has to be addressed and a complete, full fledged article has to be written before going into the SEO optimization part. So first, pick your primary focus keywords and write the article properly.
A few important steps for optimizing your website text:
1. There are two ways of writing your article. You can start writing on the WordPress backend or write on a notepad or a MS Word doc file or any other text editor. However, you should keep in mind that while copying the text into the WordPress backend, you should not copy the layout of it. The layout has to be adapted in the backend itself. This is to save yourself from any confusion that may arise from layout problems at two different platforms. Working on the WordPress may require some practice or experience. But it is not rocket science and needs only a few days of learning.
2. What can be a better option for a content writer if the readability is scored by this tool? This will help in real-time assessment of any content. The tool not only analyses, but also gives score based on the readability quotient. It means, if the green bullet is shown by the tool- then the content is highly readable; but if there are orange or red bullets; then you should rework on the content to improve the readability. Such content checking should be taken seriously so that the readers may be given something useful to be read.
3. A content writer has to know how to fix problems and how to improve the content. The improvement has to be based on the suggestions of the Content Analysis tool. You will be able to see the sentences that need improvement. You can rewrite them. Long sentences should be divided into smaller and simpler sentences, big paragraphs should be converted into short ones. This helps readers not to lose focus and complete reading the entire article.
4. SEO Analysis should begin only after you have tested and worked on improving the readability of the content. In the SEO Analysis step, you have to enter your primary keywords in the appropriate sections of the SEO Meta box. The focus keyword should be something that you have found and chosen after proper keyword research, and also which you want to be counted while indexing your website in the search engine results.
5. Do not neglect the content in the Meta Description. Google generally picks up the Meta Description and puts it below the URL of the page that has been searched for. So it should clearly describe your blog, article or the write up. It should also contain the complete focus keyword. This is necessary both for improving your rankings as well as picking up your website in the Search Results. The Meta Description should be limited to the specific number of words that can be shown in the search results. If it is too long, then it would not show up completely in the search results.
There are other practical tips as well to improve your content writing or copy writing for your website or blog. We shall discuss about those SEO-friendly tips in another article, soon!
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Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Few Quick and Fast SEO Techniques for your Business


Identifying actionable SEO methods can help you get results quicker. This article is going to provide you think outside the common SEO box techniques and give you quick steps to increase the visibility and presence of your online business. These search engine optimization techniques are practical, easy to use, and you can implement these without spending your hard earned money on ads. These SEO Tips have been derived after a lot of research, testing and taking into account the classic and contemporary techniques in terms of quality.
Don’t get worried! These steps could be performed even when you are not in your best of the moods. It means, these techniques can be performed with a casual attitude as well. Take out a few minutes a day or a couple of hours a week and you are good to implement some of the most executable techniques. From “Oh Shit” to “Aha”- take these steps in your business journey for quickly doubling your search traffic. You will rank better and higher in Google Rank List, and see increased visitors’ clicks as well.
So are you ready to take notes? Here we go:
      1.  Regularly keep checking your website’s Organic CTR. Find out the list of 10-12 lowest performing pages and edit and revise the title tags and Meta descriptions of these pages. 
How to do this?

You need to go to the Google Search Console of your website and then go to Search Traffic -> Search Analytics. This will allow you to analyze your performance on Google Search. You could filter according to your convenience and compare different results. Then you have to click at the Impressions & CTR Filters for Pages. Now, you could revise and update with improved Meta Description and Title tags.
      2.  Find your top ten popular pages and add Schema markup to those. This is an absolutely contemporary technique where you can add up rich media to some of your top search results; it means you need to add up Schema markup to the HTML of your popular pages. This is practically more applicable if you have an old and consistent website with years of content and information. You could add on snippets to your popular pages and make them even more commendable. To keep a track of this, you could make a spreadsheet of your own using your Excel Sheet, where you can keep track of your most liked and popular articles, posts and then implement the Schema Markup. This will gradually and effectively improve the CTR of your final outcome.
      3.  You can optimize the images in your website for improving the overall Site Speed. Site speed is now an important part of SEO tactics, if you are not aware of this, be advised to read more about this. You could login from a different mobile or a computer and check for your website’s loading time with the help of Site Speed Tools. If it is slower than normal, then you are losing some of your visitors, who may not be patient enough to wait. And if you analyze, you will see that “images” are heavy stuff that makes your site loading speed slower. So, if you decide to take some time out and browse through the pictures of your most popular pages and make the size smaller… you are doing a great job for yourself. For instance, if your image is the standard 1024 X 600 pixels, you can compress the file to half or even smaller than that. There is no hard unless you are running a photography website.
      4. Google is the master of all search engines. But it comes with it’s own methods of indexing. Your site may be indexed two times, means your sire could be indexed as abc.com and also as abc.com. You need to inform Google, which one is your preferred version so that the new indexing methods could be refreshed and Google Crawler can find one particular site. Google will take note of your preference and take corrective measures in future. You can do this by clicking on your site settings and then choosing the right option from the Preferred Domain tab.
       5.  Always ensure that your details are up to date with Google. Whether your address has changed, or whether you have changed your payment methods- update them regularly.
Simplicity still pays. Internet visitors or Google search engine still pays respect to simplicity. You can always work on your own to improve the SEO of your website. Other than that, Web Brain InfoTech is always there to take care of the complex steps on your behalf. Keep visiting our website for latest and practical SEO tips for improving your website ranking. Our SEO masters are always happy to help!
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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

SEO Guide for Beginners


Is SEO an alien concept to you? Do you have very limited knowledge of SEO? This small but comprehensive guide will provide you all information that you need to have at the beginner’s level of SEO Wisdom. Study this and step into the world of professional Search Engine Optimization.
What actually is Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been defined in a dozen ways by different internet marketers. Someone has coined it has the process of enhancing visibility in the online platforms for all organic and natural search processes. A few others have reiterated that it is a strategy for increasing search traffic to any particular Website or Page. It is overall a comprehensive set of strategies and performance to increase non paid traffic for search engine results. It involves both technical as well as creative aspects, which are necessary for driving more traffic, for improving rankings in different search engines.
SEO is an ongoing relentless process and it is not only about making a particular website search engine friendly, but also to follow up with competent strategies in order to achieve an improved visibility and ranking. This extensive SEO guide will act as a hand-book for beginners and share all the universal aspects related to the search engine craft.
Why Do you Need SEO?
One common question is why does your blog or website need Search Engine Optimization? Well, the topmost search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo drive the most of the traffic into the online portals throughout the world. There is no question or doubt about it that you could also drive traffic to your website through Social Media platforms and a few other places. But, the major commercial search engines are the most common sources of traffic navigation. Most internet users are guided and driven by these search engines, no matter what your site provides. You may be dealing with online shopping, information sharing, providing services- everything is influenced by them.
These search engines don’t work in random. They give to people what they have been looking for. They connect the dots between what you have been offering and what people have been looking for. They act as the bridge between the finder and the provider. If your site is not listed properly or on the topmost places of these search engines’ databases, then you are missing great traffic opportunities to your website. The search engines respond to the queries made by the individuals on the internet and try to connect them to the most relevant results depending on these queries. So each single word used in a query carry some precious value. Similarly what is inside your website in form of content, keywords may have great impact. This has also the ability to make or break your online business or existence.
SEO tactics give you the capability to provide publicity and generate revenue, which no other channel can provide. That is why investment in the right SEO plans is considered to be an extraordinary investment- as the return is multiple times compared to other kinds of business investments.
Without proper/correct SEO, search engines cannot find your site!
The search engines work on a number of principles. These certain principles are governed by laws. These major search engines are smart enough to crawl throughout the web and bring back improved results to their end users. But there is a limit too. You must also help the search engines to figure out what your website is about and allow it to connect it to the right set of audience. Doing the SEO in correct way ensures the increase of traffic by manifolds. You will start to notice more attention of traffic when you have the right moves. Wrong moves can even bury your website deep down in the oblivion.
In this ever increasing competition in the world of internet, you must use the right techniques to get found easily. The agency or organization that performs the SEO for you has great responsibilities and may give you an edge over other competitive websites in terms of increasing your customers or visitors.
How about Self Induced SEO?
Any smart person would like to take the matters in own command and perform tasks that set things right. Willing to perform the SEO jobs for yourself is one of the basic instincts that you will experience at the beginning! You may do it for a while using the hit & trial methods, but when things go out of hand, like- your rankings going down way too low; you will have no option left, but to take help from experts. SEO work is too complex. It is easy at the outset and many people can understand the basics well, but that doesn’t guarantee success in the long run.
However, if you are committed and too determined that you will learn and grasp even the complex nature of jobs involving this, you may begin to witness improved results for your websites. So we suggest that you should study this guide step by step and have added advantage over the ones who would be doing it from a general perspective and on the other hand you will have a very specific approach for it. We have tried to keep the guide as much practical as possible for beginners & common users.
Lesson #1
A concept must be corrected at the outset. SEO does not only work to bring in free traffic. But that is not the only reason for what SEO works. They actually have two primary tasks, which we see as gathering of free traffic. These tasks are:
    1.     To Crawl and Build an ongoing Index.
    2.     To provide a list of websites to the search users based on the Index Rankings.
The world of Internet has billions of pages, documents, files, pictures and more. The major Search Engines crawl through each single file or document and figure out the best relevant route by organizing the most relevant ones. The path available through similar paths is also known as- LINKS. Linking helps to bind and keep all pages on the internet together. To do this, Search Engines use Automates robots, which are also known as “Crawlers” or “spiders”- they reach millions and billions of web documents, which are in a way interconnected to each other. The massive database where all these information is stored can only be imagined!
When a search query is made, the search engines recall the page/document from their massive database. This is performed in fraction of a second. Most Search Engines have their data centers all over the world where monumental records are held. The end users are generally impatient, they want results real fast. Even a few seconds delay may generate un-likeliness towards a Search Engine.
#Answering Queries
The search engines are real fast answering machines. When an internet user makes a search or a query- a particular search engine checks through billions of documents and files and gives back to the client the most relevant results. These results are ranked into a list based on the popularity and relevance factor of these files.
Relevance for a search engine would mean locating a page or a file that has the right content matching the query. This has been the basic search engine technique since long before. Earlier, the search engines did not use any more technique than finding the matching words or content. But over time, technical people have devised even better techniques to find results matching the queries of the users. In today’s search engine operation- almost half a century factors have to operate to influence the relevance factor. Popularity is one big factor in preparing a relevant list. The search engines tend to produce the most popular sits/pages on the top considering that they have the most valuable information. To determine relevance or popularity, the search engines generally use some equations known as “Algorithms”. Using it, the rankings are prepared.
The algorithms are not easy to understand. In fact these are so complicated that even most of the engineers involved do not understand most part of it. But for the layman and search engine practitioners, an insight into the matter itself can help to acquire better results. The best techniques of optimization are made based on these insights.
Search Engine Marketers have studied web search for so long and have done so much experiments that they have learnt how to extract the right information and how to rank better. These techniques are used by them to rank their clients’ websites at higher positions.
# Finding Solutions through Experiments
Experimenting is the most common method that most of the webmasters adopt while researching with the websites and search engines. Testing, discarding and remodeling help them to achieve stable and improved results. Sometimes these experimentations require lots of patience, knowledge and foresight to reach the levels of success that have been aimed for. One common format of experimenting is given below:
    1.     Get a new website registered with random and meaningless keywords such as- tarrenbihlia, hobberpenny.
     2.     Take time to generate pages for that website. Make those pages target meaningless terms such as technicurrant, luscidrass.
     3.     Try to keep the pages similar altering only single variables at one time. Try to experiment with the text placement, formatting, keywords etc.
     4.     From the crawled, established pages at other domains- direct links to this domain.
     5.     Now note down the rankings of these pages on different search engines.
     6.    Once again make changes to these pages and find out the impact on the search results. Find out which factor is helping to move the result up or down.
    7.     Ensure that you are recording any results, which you find to be effective. You should also re-test these techniques on other pages/domains using other terms. If you find similar results using the same techniques, there is a possibility that you have become able to discover a pattern that works.
Live Testing and Experimentation are steps that search marketers must adapt to, in order to gain high traffic and better rankings for their clients. Without having a clear understanding of the basic elements of search engines and the critical components that influence website rankings & visibility, it is not possible to become a successful search engine marketer.
To reach out to a large audience, you must be able to catch its nerve! Unless you are certain about what your target audience is looking for, it will be very difficult to provide what they want!
Search Engine Marketing is all about meeting the requirements of the users. The users have various types of requirements, which could be broadly classified into three categories:
    1.The first kinds are the queries where the user wants to “Do” something. A user may want to accomplish something, do any activity, listen to any song, purchase a train ticket etc.
     2. The second queries are related to “KNOWING”! These queries are centered on collecting information or data about something. While a person maybe looking for information about his favorite author, another one may be looking for best shopping options in a particular city.
     3.The third kinds are the navigating queries. This includes the search queries which are done by users to reach any particular target location- website or URL.
It is the responsibility of the search engines to classify the searches and to provide the end users the results accordingly. Their primary motive is to satisfy the need of the visitors. These engines receive thousands of queries every day and finding the most relevant results is their priority. So as a search engine marketer, it is your soulful duty to find out what your target audience might want and plan your search engine strategies based on it.
As we spoke at the outset, many people are not certain about why money, time and effort should be invested on SEO. Well, the power of SEO is so gigantic and compelling that it surpasses the usual and brings forward the most recent and relevant results to the visitors based on your search engine performance. Let us look at a few search engine trivia before moving ahead-
     §  Google alone constitutes around 65% of the searches done around the world. Yahoo is at the second position with nearly 18% and Microsoft is at 13%. This means most of the traffic that we see comes from Google Searches.
     §  Forget the world netizens; the American users alone perform around 20 billion searches every month. Among this, Google gets around 12-13 billion searches followed by Yahoo and Microsoft.
     §  Google constitutes 67% of all the search queries whereas Bing powers the rest 26%.
     §  The Online Marketing world is a gigantic one and the total revenue for the same will reach around $77 billion in 2016 itself. Out of this around 25% will be the budget for advertising.
     §  Out of the total number of search queries, around 76% searches are used to find local information. Other searches include social networking, news, media information etc.
     §  Since 2002, there has been a staggering 60% increase in the number of Internet users. This is a voluminous figure and cannot be ignored when it comes to internet marketing.
     §  The average click through on the top ten results is around 53%. So now you can understand why it is essential to be at the top positions in any search engine, particularly at Google, which provides almost 90% of the search results.

      All the points discussed above show how significant search engine marketing is! The number of searches is increasing by 20% every year worldwide. To achieve better results, it is very important to lay concrete foundations of SEO. Through this Guide, we are trying to give you as much concise andpractical tips as possible.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Boosting Content Marketing with Video


As per the latest research reports, the number of people using the internet who also watch a video every day is close to a hundred million. Interestingly, if you take into consideration the situation prevailing in retail sector, then you will be surprised to know that ninety percent of average shoppers indicated their preference towards watching a video for making their final purchase decision. In top companies also the situation is pretty much the same with more than eighty percent of executives expressing their interest towards watching a video for work-related matters on various business websites. The key thing to note from here is obviously that video can no longer be considered as something optional at the time of constructing your strategy for content marketing, it’s absolutely crucial!
Now, in the following paragraphs let’s just find out how to boost content marketing with the help of video –
You can tell interesting stories in various ways. However, going by a popular concept – you only believe it when you see it! It’s also important to understand that storytelling is an art, and hence, requires the services of people trained in it. Therefore, if you are an ambitious person, then your aim should be to hire the best video production company in the locality. And this company would shoulder all the responsibility to promote your set of products or services in the best possible manner.
You must realize that video is probably the best medium for storytelling. And it can be used strategically on various social media platforms and on your own business website at the same time. No matter what you wish to share – your brand mission, your brand origin, or your brand values, videos would surely engage your audience and would offer a lot richer experience compared to any other options. Just don’t forget that a video will provide a multi-sensory impact over your audience, and will compel them to act, feel, listen, and look in a different way. In other words, a video will shift their focus completely on your content and nothing else.
Information Driven
Always keep in mind that the target audience searches for specific data or information whenever they stumble upon a website. They also love to compare product values. So, put your best foot forward to ensure that you have all the answers ready within your business website. In this context, it’s important to mention that the perfect way to answer all probable queries is by putting up a video. It’s as simple as that. So, just go ahead and take help of the best video production company for all the animations, motion graphics, and expert interviews you wish to insert within your video. However, just make sure that the video is engaging enough, and describes the relatively complex processes as simply as possible. The video must also build trust and brand awareness in the minds of its viewers at the same time. This will definitely boost your content marketing efforts with video to a great extent.
Present Your Content in the Best Possible Way
Finally, after putting a lot of effort towards creating an interesting story, it becomes your responsibility to place it in front of the audience you want. So, work out a combination of creative formats, data targeting, and social media in order to present the content in a manner that it looks like a story all the way – not as a sales pitch or an advertisement. Remember, if the story can engage people into a direct interaction or has the ability to generate emotional triggers, then the task of presenting the content in front of your target audience will become obviously easy. And this you can only achieve with the help of a well-crafted video. Best of luck!
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Design a Successful Digital marketing Campaign for Your Business


Traditional businesses and their promotional styles have been all tried and tested. They are way too expensive and the results are not always satisfactory. Besides, it is difficult in case of traditional marketing to keep track of expenditure- how much is being utilized where and what is the outcome of that investment. But in online campaigns such as PPC services India, it is practically possible to find out how much money is being spent in which campaign and what kind of audience is being able to see it.
The ad spends on traditional media platforms such as TV and hoardings are very expensive. Compared to that, the expenditure on online campaigns is quite low and with the help of professional SEO services India, targets could be achieved on time. The SEO services include a set of effective and complicated mechanics such as Site evaluation, site performance, optimization, social bookmarking, directory submission, article marketing, link building, social media marketing and much more.
If you are serious about expanding your business horizons online, then it is advised that you should hire competitive internet marketing agencies. These services are very important to be at the top slots of the search engine. These practices cover a wide number of issues both on and off page. Being a client, you are at the advantage position, because the creative professionals from the agency you have hired will be doing all the work and you will get to see results from 3 to 6 months. From web designing to SEO services or maintenance of ads, you can hire cheap services online.

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