Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Boosting Content Marketing with Video


As per the latest research reports, the number of people using the internet who also watch a video every day is close to a hundred million. Interestingly, if you take into consideration the situation prevailing in retail sector, then you will be surprised to know that ninety percent of average shoppers indicated their preference towards watching a video for making their final purchase decision. In top companies also the situation is pretty much the same with more than eighty percent of executives expressing their interest towards watching a video for work-related matters on various business websites. The key thing to note from here is obviously that video can no longer be considered as something optional at the time of constructing your strategy for content marketing, it’s absolutely crucial!
Now, in the following paragraphs let’s just find out how to boost content marketing with the help of video –
You can tell interesting stories in various ways. However, going by a popular concept – you only believe it when you see it! It’s also important to understand that storytelling is an art, and hence, requires the services of people trained in it. Therefore, if you are an ambitious person, then your aim should be to hire the best video production company in the locality. And this company would shoulder all the responsibility to promote your set of products or services in the best possible manner.
You must realize that video is probably the best medium for storytelling. And it can be used strategically on various social media platforms and on your own business website at the same time. No matter what you wish to share – your brand mission, your brand origin, or your brand values, videos would surely engage your audience and would offer a lot richer experience compared to any other options. Just don’t forget that a video will provide a multi-sensory impact over your audience, and will compel them to act, feel, listen, and look in a different way. In other words, a video will shift their focus completely on your content and nothing else.
Information Driven
Always keep in mind that the target audience searches for specific data or information whenever they stumble upon a website. They also love to compare product values. So, put your best foot forward to ensure that you have all the answers ready within your business website. In this context, it’s important to mention that the perfect way to answer all probable queries is by putting up a video. It’s as simple as that. So, just go ahead and take help of the best video production company for all the animations, motion graphics, and expert interviews you wish to insert within your video. However, just make sure that the video is engaging enough, and describes the relatively complex processes as simply as possible. The video must also build trust and brand awareness in the minds of its viewers at the same time. This will definitely boost your content marketing efforts with video to a great extent.
Present Your Content in the Best Possible Way
Finally, after putting a lot of effort towards creating an interesting story, it becomes your responsibility to place it in front of the audience you want. So, work out a combination of creative formats, data targeting, and social media in order to present the content in a manner that it looks like a story all the way – not as a sales pitch or an advertisement. Remember, if the story can engage people into a direct interaction or has the ability to generate emotional triggers, then the task of presenting the content in front of your target audience will become obviously easy. And this you can only achieve with the help of a well-crafted video. Best of luck!
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