Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Few Quick and Fast SEO Techniques for your Business


Identifying actionable SEO methods can help you get results quicker. This article is going to provide you think outside the common SEO box techniques and give you quick steps to increase the visibility and presence of your online business. These search engine optimization techniques are practical, easy to use, and you can implement these without spending your hard earned money on ads. These SEO Tips have been derived after a lot of research, testing and taking into account the classic and contemporary techniques in terms of quality.
Don’t get worried! These steps could be performed even when you are not in your best of the moods. It means, these techniques can be performed with a casual attitude as well. Take out a few minutes a day or a couple of hours a week and you are good to implement some of the most executable techniques. From “Oh Shit” to “Aha”- take these steps in your business journey for quickly doubling your search traffic. You will rank better and higher in Google Rank List, and see increased visitors’ clicks as well.
So are you ready to take notes? Here we go:
      1.  Regularly keep checking your website’s Organic CTR. Find out the list of 10-12 lowest performing pages and edit and revise the title tags and Meta descriptions of these pages. 
How to do this?

You need to go to the Google Search Console of your website and then go to Search Traffic -> Search Analytics. This will allow you to analyze your performance on Google Search. You could filter according to your convenience and compare different results. Then you have to click at the Impressions & CTR Filters for Pages. Now, you could revise and update with improved Meta Description and Title tags.
      2.  Find your top ten popular pages and add Schema markup to those. This is an absolutely contemporary technique where you can add up rich media to some of your top search results; it means you need to add up Schema markup to the HTML of your popular pages. This is practically more applicable if you have an old and consistent website with years of content and information. You could add on snippets to your popular pages and make them even more commendable. To keep a track of this, you could make a spreadsheet of your own using your Excel Sheet, where you can keep track of your most liked and popular articles, posts and then implement the Schema Markup. This will gradually and effectively improve the CTR of your final outcome.
      3.  You can optimize the images in your website for improving the overall Site Speed. Site speed is now an important part of SEO tactics, if you are not aware of this, be advised to read more about this. You could login from a different mobile or a computer and check for your website’s loading time with the help of Site Speed Tools. If it is slower than normal, then you are losing some of your visitors, who may not be patient enough to wait. And if you analyze, you will see that “images” are heavy stuff that makes your site loading speed slower. So, if you decide to take some time out and browse through the pictures of your most popular pages and make the size smaller… you are doing a great job for yourself. For instance, if your image is the standard 1024 X 600 pixels, you can compress the file to half or even smaller than that. There is no hard unless you are running a photography website.
      4. Google is the master of all search engines. But it comes with it’s own methods of indexing. Your site may be indexed two times, means your sire could be indexed as and also as You need to inform Google, which one is your preferred version so that the new indexing methods could be refreshed and Google Crawler can find one particular site. Google will take note of your preference and take corrective measures in future. You can do this by clicking on your site settings and then choosing the right option from the Preferred Domain tab.
       5.  Always ensure that your details are up to date with Google. Whether your address has changed, or whether you have changed your payment methods- update them regularly.
Simplicity still pays. Internet visitors or Google search engine still pays respect to simplicity. You can always work on your own to improve the SEO of your website. Other than that, Web Brain InfoTech is always there to take care of the complex steps on your behalf. Keep visiting our website for latest and practical SEO tips for improving your website ranking. Our SEO masters are always happy to help!
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