Thursday, 1 September 2016

Popular Web Design Trends that You Need to Follow


Web world is forever changing with new trends and inputs coming in every now and then. From static to dynamic and now responsive, we have come across several UI designs in last decade. Although the website designs may seem quite similar to each other with the popularity of the responsive web designs with the perfection they have achieved, one can still say that web design can be a little better. It has some scope of improvement and the web designers all around the world are trying to make it better with their smart moves.
Few of such popular moves that became popular in 2016 are:
§  Hamburger menu design: For those who are not aware of hamburger menu design, it is those three lines used to depict menu icon. We have seen them in mobile applications, mobile versions of websites and Google apps but a lot of website owners are still hesitated towards using these due the confusion it might cause. Well, no need to be uncertain since almost every web user is now very well accustomed to this new design and they know what it depicts. Your website users will not be confused with the change!
§  The long scroll: This one is the most talked about change in responsive website designs. Scrolling down on the site for information instead of navigating between several pages seems to be a better option; given your website pages are interlinked. You can use your content to depict your work, services, portfolio, company profile and any other information in a story format. This will keep the user engaged, while letting keep scrolling.
§  Hero images: If you are looking for something that can grab the visitor’s attention, hero images is the best way for doing it. You can also replace it with an interactive video or animation, allowing the visitor to scroll down for further information.
2016 is here with a lot of changes in the world of website design. You just have to choose the one that suits your requirements and website needs.
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