Friday, 16 September 2016

Work on Your Site’s Story Telling with Animation


What is the one way that can keep a visitor on site for a long time, compelling him to share the site and visit it time and again? It’s story telling!
You must have visited few websites which are so compelling and attractive that you were rather forced to stay there, navigating between pages, browsing the content and just seeing what the site is presenting. Even though you do not need their services, but you were so fascinated by the persuasiveness of the website that you shared it with your friends, on your social media and talked about it whenever someone discussed good websites. That is the power of storytelling and you can have it too on your website, all you need is to work on your animation, adding richness to it.

Popular Web Design Trends that You Need to Follow

Since past few years, animation has grown along with the websites and their look & feel, becoming more attention grabbing and rich. You can also use it to make your website more interactive giving the visitors a rather fun experience. Before beginning with the animation, you need to understand that you cannot put it anywhere in the site just like that. You need to include it in the user interface where it can give you the best results contributing to your website’s storytelling.

3 Ways by Which Web Design Can Benefit Your Business

You can use animation on your website in two groups. One is large scale animations where users will be directly impacted as soon as they enter your site with animated special effects added to the pop-ups, scrolling, home page information and navigating assistance. The second one is small scale animation and as the name suggest, it can be done to make smaller elements of your website interactive. You can use this one in hover tools, loading bars, end of page or such other elements of website. Just discuss all the possibilities of animation with your designer and make your website the next big thing!

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