Friday, 7 October 2016

5 Points That Will Make Your Website Stand Out


Everyone wants to be popular, come out in the lime light and get that fame especially if it is for their website. If your website is amazing and breathtaking, it increases the chances of it being on top of the search engine. Also, there is high traffic and footfall on the website increasing the chances of probable buyers turning into sure shot clients. If you have just started dreaming about your bright future ahead.

Here are 5 points that will help you in making a reality:

  • Typography: It might seem vague, but the typography used on the home page or in your inner web pages can play a major role in getting visitors hooked up. Using calligraphic or artistic fonts is a sign of actual hard work you have put into making the website and will possibly do it in your work as well. Also, it looks better than typical Times New Roman.

  • Animated Backgrounds: Since we are on the same page about keeping the clients hooked up, animated backgrounds and videos are also helpful in making your webpage content better. You can use it to tell story about your work, services and industry for giving a smart engaging preview to the visitor.

  • Impactful Color Schemes: Design is not only about the elements but about the visuals too where color schemes of websites come into play. Duo tone color schemes are among popular lot so you can try it next time!

  • Hero Images: Hero images were predicted to be popular this year and are continuing to do so for the coming year as well. Since they grab the attention of the visitor the moment they land on website, it sure is a game changer.

  • Responsive Design: Users are no longer restricted to the desktop versions these days. You can expect them to visit your website in plethora of internet devices ranging from cellphones to big smart TV screens. With responsive design, you can cater to all of them.

All these 5 are must have if you want to make your website stand out among others. Take risk, play with design and experiment to achieve success with perfect web design.
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