Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to Get 1st Page Results on Google Using SEO Services



Each internet marketing company wishes to be on the topmost category of the audience through the search engines. They wish to be the first one to be clicked when a suitable keyword is typed. This results in the competition of being on the very first page of one of the most used search engine, Google. There are great SEO services providing companies in the market. What is better than they giving you a piece of advice through this?
Yes look out the following key points, if you want to maintain the position of being on the first page of the Google. Here the list goes,
1. The Name of the Website and the Content Related to it
The website name is very important task to be done. It should be having the keyword related to the content. The name should be short, sweet, and catchy. The more attractive the name will be the more number of people would get attracted to it.
2. The Title of the Page
The title of the webpage again requires being in relation to the content. The whole page is linked with the content. So the content has to be kept on highest priority for the Website Designer.
3. The Description of the Content
The following description about the website is also linked with the content. An important thing to note in this is the usage of the keyword. There must be an appropriate usage of the keyword so as to maintain its position on the search engine, Google. The description should be the most apt and interesting.
4. The Most Suited Sub Headings
As important is the title of the web page, the same importance is given to the sub headings. The visitor would refer to the various sub headings and headlines on the page. They must be properly highlighted and content centric. These subheadings are required to be short and easily readable. These short headings would help in the building up of the further interest and concentration of the visitor. So the prime objective while choosing an attractive sub heading must be only and only visitor centric.
5. The Provision Links
6. Internal Linking
The internal linking is one of the best SEO Service opted by people to stay on the first page of the search engines. It is a critical job and needs care to be executed. Internal link on a website help in navigating throughout the site. It also helps in increasing of the ranking power of the website. The internal links are used to point other important information available on the website. This is a very essential and critical point to be considered for the purpose fulfilling the service of search engine optimization. There is an attached warning with it. People should avoid using fake and false internal links. Authentic and genuine links would help in the promotion, whereas fake and false link would rather demote the company and its stature.
7. External or Outbound Linking
The external linking is as much important as is internal linking. The links that are provided in outbound linking are usually the links other than the particular website that is created. These links must be authentic and genuine. Spam link would demean the name and profile of the firm.
8. The Speed of the Page
Fastest speed in opening of the page is the best option. Arrange the best possible speed for the website. Slower websites would never attract people. In fact people would run away or close the webpage that take more than 5 seconds to load.
Some key points to consider for controlling the speed of the page:
     §  Avoid upload big images and pictures
     §  Avoid putting too much links on your website
9. The Page setting and Outlook
It is the most basic and important requirement. The page would be incomplete if it is not provided an attractive look. The outlook of the website is the first impression on the visitor.
Some key point to consider:
     §  Professional font style and size
     §  Suitable colors and designing of the page
     §  Using alt tags at appropriate places
     §  Usage of the keywords

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