Thursday, 8 December 2016

Get The Flawless Web Design For Better Engagement


Have you been trying to get attention of your visitors? Are you facing a very high bounce back rate? This might be due to the confusing design of your website or the lack of flow one needs to keep the visitors engaged. A website works on the principle of flow where the visitor is taken from one place to another without much effort. You do not need to push him towards the call to action button, but let the visitor decide to go there by assisting him or her. Here are the features your website must have to be flawless in web design:
Attractive welcome page: Since you're welcome page is the first thing visitor is going to see, make it as attractive as possible. You can use animation, captivating content and graphics for making the welcome page or the home page attention grabbing. Some brands have been using videos as well as their welcome page. You can give it a try too!
Visible call to action button: The call to action button is the epitome of any website. If it is not visible and captivating, your website might take the fall for it. You can design your call to action button at the bottom of the page or make it visible to the visitor as a popup when he or she scrolls down. You need to make less pushy and more obvious for the visitor. He should feel like clicking it so let your creative juices flowing!
Elements that work for you: Animations, videos, audios, graphics and content, everything is readily available if you want to work on your website’s appearance. However, you need to use these elements smartly so that they represent your industry and services properly. Do not just throw a cocktail of everything together while making the website but use each and every element smartly.
Website is not only about the looks but also about the functions being user friendly. Design it smartly for taking your business to the next level.

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