Saturday, 26 April 2014

Essential Tips When Optimizing Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential and fundamental ways to reach your website in top page search results. It is a big question for all that how did optimize website which will attract both users and search engines. The most common question asked by your client to you that how come SEO helps website and how will you move your steps to better web presence and get leads from website?

Although I want to tell you all that SEO is not a magic and one night work. It is an ongoing process by which we regularly effort for great user and search engine experience. We always try to improve website performance to get desired goals. The main goal of doing SEO is to create a great and friendly user experience.

What Top Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) are looking for?:
As we fight to reach at top page in search engines, same search engines have a competition to be the best in market and for these they always improve their algorithms to reach at user’s experience. They always push those websites up which has great information’s and user’s satisfaction related to queries. For this they check informative content, website loading speed, link back with authorities websites, navigational structure, etc.

What Search Engines do not want to look? :
Excessive use of keywords (keywords stuffing), paid or purchased links, poor user experience wevsites are like enemy for search engines. They will not push up these types of websites to show in top search results.
Always prepare a business plan for your website. Meditate yourself that what types of conversions you want, in which areas you want to sell much more in whole website, what is your goals, etc. This meditation will help you lot in improving your business.

Use Social Media: Don’t walk all around your keywords in link building. Use social media websites as much as you can for better online recognisation. Building a great online presence matters lot in your business. Most of the online people check reviews, social signals to check how popular website is among peoples. So, try to use social media websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, Google plus, etc lot for your better online presence.

Always provide online and offline support to your users. This will help lot in growing user’s satisfaction. Customer support matters lot in business and customer satisfaction. Provide a great customer support always in your business.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Closer Guide to Reach at Top Page in Search Results

Most of the guy now believes that SEO is dead and there is no any scope of SEO now days. I assure you that they are thinking wrong and they do not want to update themselves what this industry wants. SEO is never ending industry and A professional SEO has a good demand at everywhere. I realize that SEO has changed lot and now need to work well and most important keep updated yourself regularly.


With the help of this blog content I am sharing my ideas about what is the best way to reach at top page in search results. There are multiple tricks to make success any campaign. You will have to use every technique very wisely. Find below some useful techniques:

     1.       Keywords Research: Before start campaign make sure yourself that the keyword which you are going to use for optimization and link building for website is really genuine and will help in generating leads and traffics? Do proper keywords research for website which will generate leads from website? To attract customers and get a huge traffic on website never works. It will work then when you get leads from website.

Most of the guys use most competitive keywords and start targeting website on web which is really a sign of foolishness. Use only those keywords for website which have a good search on web. Optimize your website as per search engine guidelines but use keywords as per user’s choice. If you have a user choice keyword then you will sure get leads from website.

    2.       Fix On Site Errors: Due to poor on site optimization most of the website do not get rank in search engine. You will have to proper optimize your website with every aspects like Meta Tags, Anchors, Head Tags, Alt Tags and many more. I am not going to describe all in this content. You can easily search on web for all on page SEO.

    3.       Anchor Texts Balance: There are several reasons to penalize a website. An imbalanced anchor text is one of them. Always use a variety in anchor texts and try to use your brand name more in your anchor texts. Use a variation in your link building like Social Bookmarking, Web 2.0, Blog Comments, etc. Use anchor texts as looks natural. Improper and unusual anchor texts will ruin your online presence and get penalized.

    4.       Quality Links Building: Most of the SEO search websites and do submission, which is not good. You will have to always check website IP(using C Class Checker). Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Ranks, etc. Work less but work for quality not for quantity. Suggest your clients about all current scenario of SEO and sure they will help you in your campaign and with the help of these basic facts you can easily create quality links for your website.

    5.       Social Media Presence: It is not quite enough to rank website without using social media websites in your activities. Social signals represent your popularity and the number of audience listens you. Engage your audience by producing quality contents and useful informations on social media websites. Use all social media profiles, engage your customers, build a great relationships with your audience. This works lot.

I hope you would sure enjoy this post.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Know How Google Search Works?

When you sit on chair before your computer system and do a Google search, you instantly receive your answer with excellent resources. Have you ever thinked that how often these results come in a short period of time? Do research in your mind but you can’t find an exact answer. I will let you update with every aspects of your Google search.

At first when you enter your search on Google. Google receives your query and Google program searches the same in their database and deliver you specific results. This all happen so rapidly that no one ever thinks about the same.

The three key processes in delivering search results to you:


Crawling: Crawling is a process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages of website and index them into their databases. The program that discovers new and updated page is known as Googlebot, bot, robot or spider.

The Googlebot starts process from their last process and start visiting sitemaps generated by webmasters and read multiple pages after that. As where they find links they collect and keep in their list to be crawled next. During visiting each page they find new and updated pages, fresh contents, dead links, etc.

Indexing: After the process of Crawling Googlebot then index all pages and massive check their attributes like Title Tags, Descriptions, Alt Tags and contents. There is a big database where Google keeps your sites information and appear in search results as per user’s query. We could not process rich media contents or dynamic pages contents.

Serving Results: When user enters search into Google, the program searches best answer and list up most trusted and valuable websites on top page. Many factors work to reach at top page search results to any website. Link building and page rank of any website is one of them. Google always work to enhance its features by extracting spammy or negative links of website and take out to their priority.

In order to rank your website in top search page, first assure that your website crawls and index well by Google. When your website will crawl and index well and you build quality back links and contents on web then there are much more chances of your website to reach on top pages in search results using relevant queries.

Friday, 18 April 2014

How to use Google Webmaster Account to Increase Traffic?

Google Webmaster Tools is very essential and important tool for any website measurement. This is the tool by which we get notified by Google regarding any issues in website. We cannot ignore this tool’s messages. With the help of Google Webmaster we can easily setup some important features which help us in generating good traffic on website/Blog. This post is all about webmaster and increase traffic.

     1.       Add a Sitemap: A sitemap is a collection of all pages of website. It is like an index of book. This shows a structural representation of web pages. You can easily add a sitemap to your webmaster account. For this you will have to open webmaster account and then go for crawl and then sitemaps.

Google Webmaster Account->Crawl->Sitemaps


    2.      Optimize Posts: Google displays traffic on your website using which keywords traffic came. In the search traffic section you can find search queries and here you will see that on which keywords traffic came and at what position this keyword is. Following are some ways by which you can optimize your post:

     a.       Linking from another post to relevant keywords.
     b.      Title of the web page/blog must be informative and most searchable.
     c.       Use link building with quality websites.


     3.       Sitelinks: When Google likes your website then automatically it adds several important pages under your website in search results. These sitelinks are automatically created but using sitelinks in webmaster account you have some control over web pages. Like if you do not want any web page for sitelinks then you can demote that page using sitelinks features of google webmaster account. You can demote up to 100 different links.


   4.       Resolve HTML Errors: HTML Improvements in webmaster account shows Duplicate Title, Description, Missing Titles, Descriptions of web pages. You can easily check by following search appearance->HTML Improvements in webmaster account.


     5.       Resolve Server Errors:  It will not go to benefit you if there are multiple serve erros in website. You will have to check regularly and fix this error as early as possible. By going crawl->crawl errors you can check this type of error.


     6.       Set Geographical Targetting: You can inform Google that in which area you want to target your audience by setting geographical area in webmaster account. For this you will have to go for setting and set areas there.


     7.       Remove Bad Links: Always check your links back to site. If you find any suspicious or un-natural links to your site then make it disavow using google webmaster account.

    Google provides lots of valuable information in Google Webmaster Account. You will have to monitor all areas regularly and take action accordingly.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How to Measure any Website in 10 Minutes according to SEO Points of View?

Most of the SEO professionals challenges that they are the most professional SEO guy and they will do any types of work in SEO. But when it comes a matter of website analysis in few times they see here and there and searching too many tools.

To become a most eligible SEO professional you must be able to analyze any websites by one eye catch. You can develop your professional skills of checking website without any expensive tools by following this blog. You can easily know all points by following step by step points below:

     1.       Check Domain Authority: Domain authority is a number or score which is assigned to your website out of 100. The higher in number more your website authoritative and less in number less your domain value. A site which has good domain authority comes search in less time. Domain authority totally depends on your domain age, SEO of website, Quality back links and responsive designs and contents. You can easily check by using “Open Site Explorer”  tool.

     2.       Check your site load time: Website loading time is a key factor in coming good search results. Google runs that website on top which has a good load time. If your website has too much load time then your all SEO goes in vain. You can check easily your website load time with this tool “Pingdom”. Type your website uRL and click on “Test now”.

      3.       Check your website sitemaps: Sitemap denotes that your website is well structured and SEO friendly. If you are the owner of your website then you have all knowledge that whether your website has sitemap or not? If you have no any knowledge about this then please go for a Google search and type your website url like sitemap.xml If your website has no any sitemap then you can easily create sitemaps for your website by using this tool “”. No sitemap means poorer SEO.

     4.       Check Robots. Txt File: A site with good SEO must have a robots file with less disaalow links. You can easily check your website robots file by typing “your domain name/robots.txt”.

     5.       Check your Meta Content: Meta gives a special value to your website in front of search engine.  You can easily check Meta Value of your website by going to resource page of website and find “Title” and “Description”. You do not need to check for keywords coz Google does not consider keyword section for ranking factor. Meta Tags are very important for SEO.

     6.       Check for H-Tags: A good SEO website has normally one H1 tags and ideally H2, H3, H4 tags. You can easily check this in your website by viewing resource page of website and find h1, h2, h3 and h4.

    7.       Onsite Content: Check your website content. A well structured and quality content helps website to rank well. Check also keywords optimization in web page content. Don’t stuff your keywords in content. This will too harm your website. Always use proper and informative content on web pages.

     8.       Check Blog Section: Check your website blog. Blog must be placed on website and regular updated. Always update your blog section. This will help your website in ranking and proper caching.

    9.       Check Webmaster Account of website: A webmaster account of website helps you in proper checking of website health. You can check there everything of website crawl errors, any messages, sitemaps, duplicate titles, descriptions, etc.

   10.   Check Online Presence: Check website online presence. A good website has a good amount of followers or subscribers which will help in online branding. In today era most of the people uses social media for researching many things and if your website is poor in this section then there will be no any benefit of doing SEO. So, make your online presence and post quality words and images there.

With the help of these steps you can check any website and score any website.