Tuesday, 7 February 2017

4 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2017


There’s absolutely no doubt in it that social media marketing will be with us for a very long time. It clearly draws enormous staying power from its evolving nature! So far it has also responded and adapted quite well with the changing technology, and there’s clearly no reason whatsoever why it won’t continue to do so in the near future.
So, let’s just explore what 2017 promises for social media marketing:
1) New Communication Areas
Previously, social media acted as a means for online communication between individuals only. Soon, the scenario changed when brands made their presence felt in this platform. As a result, it became a means for various brands to communicate with their consumers. But at present, social media marketing is exploring some fresh communicative areas as most platforms are extending excellent facilities for customer service. And this obviously is helping to take the relationship between consumers and brands to a whole new level. So, in 2017, expect to witness more variations here with the advent of more brands looking to explore this opportunity.
2) Imaginative and Inspirational Content 
Practical content draws plenty of customer attention. On the other hand, emotionally charged content often get circulated virally. But in 2017, imaginative and inspirational content is going to make the biggest buzz over the social media platform. And quite obviously, the future of social media marketing will revolve around it. The biggest plus for this type of content is its artistic nature, which will always make way for something nice in front of the users. Therefore, it will also eliminate the possibility of experiencing something reactive or pragmatic all the time. Moreover, it will also come as a welcome relief from low-key advertising.
3) Video 
In the year 2017, the importance and interest for various types of video is going to increase by leaps and bounds. And from social media marketing point of view, we can well declare it as the year of the video! For this very reason, most social media platforms are ready to introduce easier and quicker ways to get in touch with the video for its users. At the same time, improved and unique tools would be made available for the creators. And videos of all types such as 360-degree, recorded, and live will come into consideration. Moreover, it’s most likely that brand advertisers will begin to perceive platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as their new version of television.
It’s important to keep in mind that social media platforms over the internet are continually looking for means to artificially recreate the emotions of real life human interaction all within the platform that has been inherently non-human. For this very reason, videos get priority over stills and images over text. So, this trend to recreate human contact with videos in particular will get further stronger in the year 2017.
4) Ephemeral Social Media 
Snapchat and Instagram are already using it with great amount of success. In this format the story / content disappears after a specific time period. The biggest plus with it is that it invariably pulls people into these sites for viewing the daily content. In other words, these sites make people rush for their posted story by playing the disappearing tactic. So far it has worked very well. In the year 2017 this format is bound to reach a new high! And there’s every possibility that almost all social media platforms will use it along with contests, gifts and other attractions in order to draw more audience.
So, as per my prediction the above mentioned four trends are going to rule in the year 2017. There’s no need for you to follow everything, even a little bit of experimenting and dabbling will benefit you. Best of luck!

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