Saturday, 18 February 2017

3 Quick Steps To Get Your Entire Company Involved In Content Marketing


It’s always wise to have the entire team by your side when you desperately want a work to be done or have a particular goal in mind. The same can be said of content marketing as well. If you can unite all the departments of your organization for one mission (i.e. content marketing), then you can easily create a huge difference in no time. Moreover, your inspiring initiative can well make way for various creative avenues you have never imagined before!
Fortunately, the major share of the marketers does get in touch with their content teams on a regular basis. But just imagine how effective it would be if members of other departments also show interest to join in that conversation? It would be simply great as the contribution level would simply rise to a whole new level. But the marketers often don’t have the drive or they simply run out of ideas as to how it would be possible.
So, in the following paragraphs, let’s just explore the steps to get your entire outfit involved in the business of content marketing –
1) Start a Dialogue
Just imagine how much fresh perspectives and creativity would be generated if all the workers in your organization become unofficial members or a direct part of the team which is handling content marketing. So, start a dialogue and make it as much productive as possible. Make each and every department within your organization realize how much beneficial content can be and why it needs a collective effort. After that setup meetings and discussion sessions with the people in charge of each department. Find out how willing they are to engage their best team players in the matter of content creation. Also, how much they can contribute every month on a regular basis. Talk about rewarding workers through paid vacations, free passes, incentives, and bonuses in return for their sincere efforts in the field of content creation and marketing. Finally, make them understand how effective content also can be in the matter of building ROI and closing sales.
2) Invite Employees
Just provide equal opportunity to all! If a member belonging to the human resource department or the sales department has an idea, then simply grab it. And it won’t be a bad idea at all to ask them to write about something straightaway. You can also arrange for a video recording session with the interested people. In other words, do whatever it takes to encourage them for more content contribution along with activities related to content marketing. You can also use newsletters to spread your word across the employees. Finally, you can implement a short survey in order to understand the views, interests, and hobbies of your employees. This will surely help you to utilize the available talent in a better manner.
3) Create an Idea Generating Environment
It’s absolutely important to make your employees feel at home all the time. At the same time, you must understand that not every employee can be completely comfortable with the added responsibility. For instance, not everyone loves to create! Again, that’s absolutely okay. The collaborative process which you are trying to implement can also include non-creators or say people not so interested to create at the same time. The catch is that these people can always contribute informally in a different manner.
A brainstorming session has often proved as a good option for idea generation. However, one downside of such a session is that there are many people who do not feel free to convey their entire view in front of a group. Besides looking for other mechanisms, these people also crave for some time in order to come out with a well thought out plan. Therefore, under these circumstances, it would be very apt to introduce something which is time-saving and convenient for idea submission. For instance, tools like Google Doc or even Trello board can be excellent for employees to leave ideas at their convenience. All the best!

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