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Top 5 SEO Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing


When it comes to the online world, content has been and will always be the king. Content marketing is the way to go when it comes to promoting your business, increasing your visibility and improving your sales. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind apart from creating the actual content. The SEO tools presented here can help you improve your content marketing tactics and achieve a better position for your business to grow. Majority of these tools are used by a good number of SEO agency India companies:

Squirrly: This is a WordPress SEO plugin that will let you do some research for your keywords without having to leave the post editor. This is one of the best tools for writing human friendly as well as SEO friendly content. Not only does this optimize your content, it also helps you measure the success of your optimized content. Squirrly helps you find the keywords that your competitors are using, based on what keyword you have entered. It also shows you the trending phrases that you can use in your content.

Google Keyword Planner: This tool is associated mainly with SEO and PPC. However, you can definitely make use of it to improve your content marketing tactic. This is probably one of those few tools that are used on regular basis by majority of SEO agency India companies. This tool offers three features that could be relevant to you as a content marketer: 

      Searching for ad group ideas and keywords: Once you type in a word in the search bar of this tool, you will find new keywords that are relevant. From these keywords you can get ideas that you can use in your content.

     Examining the popularity of a list of keywords: This feature will give you stats such as the level of competition of a particular keyword and average monthly searches. These stats will help you in deciding on the right keywords if you want to improve the effectiveness of content marketing. 

    Multiplying keyword lists for finding new keywords: This feature can help you come up with combinations of new keywords. In order to do this, you should enter your keywords within various columns. You can even pick out long tail keywords that might create wonders to your content marketing strategy. 


Google Trends: This is a tool that tells you where people search for keywords and how they do it. This will not only tell you about the right keyword to use, but also the right regions to target. There are many features that can help you here and they include:
      ·         Top Charts
      ·         Trending searches
      ·         Google Correlate
      ·         Explore
      ·         Trending on YouTube


Ahrefs Content Explorer: In order to create excellent content, you need to check out the best shared content based on your niche and then reproduce the same following the same structure. This tool can help you in discovering top-performing content depending on social sharing, finding the perfect keywords to make use of in your content and in crafting your content in the right way. In order to do this all you need to do is type in your keywords inside the search bar of this tool and press enter to get a list of top-shared content that is relevant to those keywords.


Google Analytics: This tool is more into measuring the ROI of the content that you create. It also helps other aspects such as targeting, brainstorming, optimizing and testing. It will help you find out the kind of content that your visitors would like and give them what they need. 


You will find many more such tools if you do a bit of research. However, it is important to know how to make the best use of these tools to optimize your content marketing strategies.

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