Monday, 1 February 2016

The Hidden Power of Nofollow Links


After putting in a lot of hard work in getting link to your website on a web page when a no follow tag is mentioned against it, nothing seems to be as bad as this. For an SEO, it is a nightmare, a sheer waste of his time and effort. For those who are not aware of NoFollow links, it is a way to tell the search engine to ignore the link and move on.

When link is mentioned in NoFollow tag, it becomes redundant for the SEOs. It was started with an aim for preventing black hat spamming which is quite normal these days. But for SEOs who are expecting to have link juice from these links put up on web pages NoFollow tag might not be that bad. Here is why, 

     Use it as endorsement: Even if the web page mentioned your link as NoFollow, it can still work as an endorsement for your site or page. All the readers going through that blog or website consider the link as something very important, worthy of being mentioned on the site. They will click on it for sure, helping your ahead. 

     Referral traffic: When a website or blog mentions you in forum or social media, all the links are NoFollow but the referral value, the word of mouth value adds to your content bringing in more traffic.

        Domino effect of links: Often when one link is shared on one site, it can also appear on other places as reference or shares. A person reading a page tends to click on the link mentioned on that page and so on connecting links to links. This will make your link worthy highlighting it as a connected content to the previous search. 

NoFollow links or tags can work amazingly for bringing in new traffic, improving your ranking. If you have bagged few NoFollow links, do not worry. They are good too.

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