Monday, 16 May 2016

Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm is Out!

For all the webmasters and SEO professionals, it is big news. Google mobile friendly algorithm which all of you were waiting for since March is out and about. Google webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller stated and confirmed this fact on his twitter, “The mobile changes mentioned here are now fully rolled out.

It has been long time that websites and blogs have been upgrading their UI according to mobile devices but Google search ranking algorithm was not updated for the same. Now it will “increase the effect of ranking signal”. According to Google, if a website or blog page is mobile friendly, they need not to worry about this update since it will not affect them in any way. However, it might come as a bang for those with not so mobile friendly websites. If you still haven’t made changes in your website UI according to mobile platforms, this is your cue to do so. 

The new update is page by page signal which was a major reason why it took some time to roll out completely but now Google has started indexing each page. If you are not seeing any changes yet, it will show up in short time so you have time to make those necessary changes in your website’s UI. It is never too late for you to go mobile friendly, but make sure to do it now!

Virtual world is shifting big time towards mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. You need a responsive UI which can easily change itself according to the device. Moreover, the keywords, content and website layout should also be according to mobile devices. Rest, you know it better how to make it big on mobile devices and prevent your website from getting hit by this mobile-geddon!

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