Monday, 21 March 2016

How to Encourage People to read the Entire Article?


Once you have put in a lot of your time and efforts in writing a blog post, you want people to read it completely. However, one hard and cold fact you have to accept here is that they won’t unless it is really interesting and useful. One easy way to get this right is to hire a professional service to write it for you. You can easily find many such services by running an online search on “content writing company India” or “email marketing company India.” Nevertheless, if you do not mind putting a little bit of efforts into research then you can definitely do it yourself.

Whatever topic you may choose to write, the internet will have loads of information on it. Therefore, even if a lot of people view and share your article, there are very few chances that they will read the whole thing unless they happen to be your parents or best friends.

As per research only 20% of a page is actually read by most internet users. This might make you feel that it is a waste to spend so much time and efforts on creating content on blogs.

You might call them hypocrites for they share articles even if they do not read them….

You may call them quitters: once they read the headline they quit without going through the article….

You might consider them as cheaters because they read your conclusion right after the headline…..

…..but this is how people are

So then if they are like that, why are they like that? Can you guess?
This is why:
·         They lack focus
·         They believe skimming is more than enough
·         They lead very busy lives

Yet, there is some good news for you:
Not all are cheaters, quitters and hypocrites. There are a few engaged learners who will be interested in reading the entire article that you write. These are the ones you actually matter! They will read your blog even if it is too long provided it keeps them engaged and interested.

So the next question that will haunt your mind is how do you make your article interesting and engaging?

There are these Ten Commandments that you need to follow if you wish to create compelling content all by yourself, without looking out for any “content writing company India” or “email marketing company India”

#1. Don’t expect everybody to read your entire article. Focus on satisfying those that actually read.

#2.Know your target audience and determine whom you want to reach through your content. Unless you know this you will not be able to reach the right audience.

#3.Address the deepest needs of your target audience through your content. If you can relate to your target audience you will have extensive knowledge about the problems that they face. Find out what it is that drives them to do anything so as to get rid of their pain. If you can promise this and deliver accordingly, there is no doubt that your content will win.

#4.Make sure your content has appeal. This will make them come back to you for more. You can even make people subscribe for your blog.

#5. Adopt a Style to deliver your message and stick to it.  This will help the users to understand what to expect from your content. This is the only way you can establish your brand message.

#6. Concentrate on the big Idea because people only tend to remember 10% of what they read. If your blog post contains that compelling central point, you can make your readers remember that. Your readers don’t have to remember every word that they read.

#7. Choose long-form content. This ranks better, shares better, persuades better and converts better.

#8. Make sure the headline of your blog is strong and emphasizes the big idea that you want to convey. It should be something that your readers will remember

#9. Use images, bullet points and numbered list to convey and restate your main points

#10. Include a conclusion that gives your readers a take-home message

Yes you need to create content that is engaging and interesting and of course you want your users to read the entire article. However, don’t be obsessed over this. Provide a memorable experience to your readers and deliver your message clearly. It doesn’t matter if your readers are very few. Make sure they enjoy each and every word of what you write.

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