Friday, 10 July 2015

Are Your SEO Strategies up to date?


What is SEO and Why It is Used?

SEO: The most common word heard by everyone in Internet Marketing world but none of them can describe it well.

SEO is the biggest online marketing tool to reach with your website on Top Page with your business oriented keywords. So, its very necessary to do this in proper and updated way. Do you ever think why Google always update their algorithm? Why they make many changes at regular interval of time? It's just for you, just for your users to receive always the perfect search results. SO, it's very necessary for you to keep updated with every Google changes. It's time to ask yourselves or your SEO Team that they are updated or not?

If you don't care this much then soon your website will be at the lowest search positions from where the beginners start to work SEO for their website. A single mistake can ruin your online presence and you become ZERO in a minute. So, pick up the updated technology and work hard to get all done with your website.

Few of the Major Terms of Google 2015 SEO Strategies:

1. Hit Non-mobile friendly sites:

It's very important to check your website is for Mobile users or not coz technology is changing rapidly and now its time for Mobile searches. So, be sure that your website should be Mobile Friendly. Google is seeking those websites rapidly which are non mobile friendly and penalize them with lowest rankings or out of search results.

It means that no matter how much time, money and energy you had spent on your website earlier and building your SEO Strategy. The entire plan will soon be drained if you are not up to mark
with this Google terms.

2. Help Rich Content Websites to Move UP:

You have sure heard that Google loves quality content. Now it is the practical and the biggest 2015 SEO Strategies. Generate quality, informative and meaningful content and see your website at good search positions. Now time gone for keywords stuffing in contents. Don't write content for bots, always write as per user's choice. Google will sure reward with best search positions.

3. Local Market Strategies:

Google focused lot in Local Market and you will get now only local results when you enter your local query in Google. Like if you are searching for "best veg restaurant in new york" then you will only get the results of veg restaurant of new york. So, always place the Marker right and submit correct information in your Google Maps.

4. Social Media:

Most of companies/individuals fails with communication with their users. They never respond them or not much interact with users. They only post on Social Media, never think what users
want? what is the need of market? what is trending current, etc?. But now it's time to catch that flight which will land you safely. Use the best Social Media strategies to work on for your brand.
Respond to your customers wisely and interact with them as much as possible.

If you think that something missing in post, please don't hesitate to share your views below. Thanks for your time.


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