Friday, 20 February 2015

Latest Internet Marketing Technologies You Need To Know

Every experienced Internet marketer understands that there is only one rule for internet marketing, and that is: Tomorrow, the methods will be different. The digital world is consistently evolving, with latest internet marketing technologies coming to throw the old ones out, and consumer behavior changes as the choices increase.

Providing constantly valuable content has traditionally been a big part of online marketing, and it is becoming more useful than ever. Two current changes to Google are the main factors in the growth of content marketing.

First one of all the latest internet marketing technologies is the Hummingbird algorithm, which changes the methods and rules for mobile browsing and makes them more intelligent and useful by incorporating a “conversation-based” engine that searches information based on the way people speak. These modifications mean that online marketing users will have to depend on organic SEO produced by strong content to enhance search engine rankings.

Customary inbound links still have more preference than social media mentions, but that dynamic is changing. With search engines trying to return the best relevant content with the optimal quality, social shares are becoming one of the latest internet marketing technologies because the more users share a piece of content, the better its perceived quality.

As online users have become desensitized to frame ads and banners, only the latest internet marketing technologies can draw attention of the customers. The stress today is on content that’s conveniently digestible; and great photographs and images help your content to look unique and different. Appropriately labeling images with their file names and ALT tags will strengthen your SEO and enhance the accessibility of the content.

The trend of shifting toward mobile cannot be denied. There are now mush more active mobiles than adults in the US, and consumers are utilizing their tablets and smart phones to research services and products, find businesses, shop online, and more. Forbes reports that till 2017, eighty seven percent of connected devices sales — a category that includes laptop PCs and desktop— will be tablets and smart phones.


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